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Review: FUSE at Hearn St Car Park, 21st February

Hearn Street is given the send-off it deserves by FUSE and a band of loyal followers.

This weekend saw the last planned party at the iconic Hearn Street Car Park. The one-room wonder is unfortunately being handed over to property developers (boo!) so who better to give it a proper send off than the incredible FUSE family.

On arrival to Hearn Street, the scene was everything you'd expect – queues around the corner, understated and scruffy décor, a mental cloakroom queue and dancing bodies bumbling around to the deep, dub-house and techno FUSE sound we all know and love. Although Hearn Street isn't the usual stomping ground for the brand, the simple red lighting, friendly faces and deep hypnotic techno that filled the room created the same FUSE vibe you'd experience at 93 Feet East, Village Underground or even Sankeys Ibiza making the crowd feel right at home. The door staff didn't disappoint either in keeping the right atmosphere. There was no fuss and no bad energy, one of the many things that makes the party so incredible and unique.

After grabbing a drink and battling our way to the middle of the floor (being sure to stand in line with the serious Funktion-One speakers) Rossko was already well into his set. Filling the room with his signature house and techno sound, he was settling us into a night full of the iconic ‘Fusic'. After dropping the funky Eco Saver by Chris Pascoe, (taken from the Rusty Sherriff's Badge EP) fists were poised in the air ready to pump to whatever he threw in next. He built the crowd up slowly and ended his set with some heavy bass-lines leaving the door wide open for Seb Zito & Rich NxT to come storming in.

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During Seb & Rich's explosive set, we were taken on a roller-coaster of rolling tech beats, tumbling house, and of course, all the tinkering hi-hats a girl could ask for. After dropping the uplifting What You Like by Enrico Mantini, the crowd were truly hooked. The vibe was electric and the lights created a beautiful ambience that empowered the room and everyone felt like they were part of the FUSE family. At this stage it seemed like half of London was crammed into this grubby, candy-cane coloured car park, readily waiting in anticipation for Enzo Siragusa to take centre stage.

The final hours saw Enzo take it up a notch, driving into some stomping techno beats. He provided us with the deep grooves and intricate hypnotic percussion that he is so proudly known for. Enzo teased us with a will-he-won't-he encore and spectacularly ended his set with a vocally thick, heavy techno track and the room went off. We clapped and cheered and the lights went up. Sadly, we knew the party had to come to an end eventually.

The FUSE DJs really do have a sound like no other and represent the real London underground techno scene. Well done guys, you smashed it again and gave Hearn Street the sending off it deserved.

WORDS | Bronwen Palmer Hughes

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