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Album of the Week: Music For Dreams 'Copenhagen 2015'

The Danish don warms us up in the New Year.

Artist: Various (selected and mixed by Kenneth Bager)
Album: Music For Dreams - Copenhagen 2015
Label: Music For Dreams
Released: 12/01/15

Kenneth Bager has been producing, promoting and performing his distinctive brand of eclectic house music for several decades now and, with this latest instalment to his well-respected series, shows no signs of slowing down. The founder of the legendarily hedonistic Coma Club parties, in his home city of Copenhagen, and Music For Dreams label boss presents us with his latest compilation, and like the man himself, it's fun, a little eccentric and well worth paying attention to.

As with all compilations, individual listeners will pick out their own personal highlights. In this case, a lot will depend on their mood as chilled tracks are accompanied by much more dance floor friendly cuts. However, a notable strand running throughout is Kenneth's interest in different and eclectic instruments that make welcome appearances: saxophone solos, guitar strums, piano tinklings, even a Gallic-flavoured accordion all add a richness and variety that keep you engaged and looking forward to what's coming up next. Repeated plays are warranted to pick up on something that may have been missed first time around.

Those who are familiar with Kenneth's laid back, Balearic-bliss selections from his radio show on Ibiza Sonica may be a touch surprised at some of the tracks showcased here, for example, Serge Devant's deep and dark remix of Hess is More's Yes Boss. Whilst it's a compilation, rather than a mix, there is a definite progression that takes the listener from the beach, in opener Total Blue by Bonnie & Klein, onto late-night dancefloors, climaxing with James Moor's Spirits and back again to a delicate piano on closer Birdy by Troels Hammer. It's ambitious certainly and perhaps a stretch at times as syncopated bongos and funky guitar licks are replaced quickly by big, rolling basslines and thumping kick drums.

Music For Dreams - Copenhagen 2015 is therefore a tricky one to nail down; if anything, it reflects those glorious sunsets at Café Mambo (who hosted Bager's residency in 2013), where the descent of the sun beneath the horizon signals a prompt, breathless start to the evening's festivities. It sits in that hinterland between bar and club, where the drinks are being poured and anticipation of the adventures ahead are being felt, and sometimes that is the best place to be.


1. Bonnie & Klein - Total Blue
2. Bjarno - Factor 30
3. Emil Germ - Giv (Original Album Mix)
4. Coyote - Gitarra
5. Dj Pippi & Kenneth Bager - La Serenata (Sandro S Dub Mix)
6. The Kenneth Bager Experience - Premiere Classe (Beat Mix)
7. Jacob Gurevitsch - Lovers in Paris (Tonovi remix)
8. Mads Dalholt & Zimino feat Djek - Balearica
9. Tuccinelli - Tempo Libre
10.Peter Visti - Wanna Dance
11.Al Jawala - Go East - (Mads Dalholt & Zimino Remix)
12. Dj Mam - Sambarimbo (Deeplick Remix)
13. Landers & Dalholt - Zengo
14. James Moor - Spirits
15. Hess Is More - Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
16. Laid Back - Fuck (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
17. Valentin Huedo - Running On Grass
18. Lucci Capri - Kilimanjaro (New Mix)
19. N* Grandjean - The First Picture (RockNRolla Sound System )
20 - Troels Hammer - Birdy

WORDS | Andrew Fulker

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