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Podcast: SPTL175: Josh Butler

An artist on the rise - Josh Butler. You'll be seeing plenty more of him over the next few years.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The mix was recorded live from my set at Tribal Sessions in Sankeys, Ibiza!"

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"I started pretty slow and deep as I opened Spekrum that night. Within literally a minute or two of the doors being opened, the room was full. I just rode the energy of the room and picked up the pace quite quickly. There are lots of my new tracks in here as well as my favourite artists at the moment."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Because it's a live recording I was playing music that I could feel the crowd enjoying. My sets are usually packed with dance floor driven beats, vocal hooks and soul!"

In what environment and location should we enjoy this mix?

"Maybe a house/beach party, or before heading out for the night!"

The Plug

2013 was your breakout year it seems, how was the ride?

"Yeah, I'd say late 2012, early 2013 was when things started to gather real momentum. The ride so far is crazy and I'm loving every second. Since being a young kid growing up in New Zealand it has been my dream to share the music I love."

2014 hasn't exactly been a slow year either, including some dates in Ibiza this season which have been and some coming up. Tell us about that.

"So far this year I've been over 3 times. I did the opening parties with Bontan and some friends. Then played for Tribal Sessions at Sankeys and Créche at Gatecrasher. I will also be back out there later in the summer and for closing parties!"

Some of your earlier tracks and remixes really helped catapult you onto the scene from Leeds, what's current and upcoming on the production front?

"Next up for me is an EP on Cajual Records, a collaboration with Bontan coming on MTA Records, shortly after summer a release on Definition music. Also some remixes in between."

We feel like 2015 could be a year we see much more of you on the island, would you agree? If you had the pick of the bunch, where would you play?

"I sure hope so! To pick anywhere would probably be Space, main room. I've had some crazy nights in there."

Everywhere I look, you're described as ‘house music's new hero' - what does that mean to you? Is it something you're even aware of?

"Haha absolutely mental. When I first saw this, it seriously blew me away. It's a bold statement and I'm very very flattered, honoured and grateful."

Lastly, imagine you have some time off in Ibiza. Where would you go? Who would you go with?

"It would have to be exploring some quiet secluded beaches with my other half, friends and dog, Clive."


From the North of England to dance floors across the globe, Josh Butler has made serious headway with his high caliber house sound. Cut from the outspoken West Yorkshire club circuit and propelled towards the forefront of global club land's next generation, an early affliction with solid club hits has made his name an essential one. Two stints for MTA Records and remix duties for both Chase & Status in tow, Butler is leading the charge towards a new precedent in the underground sound.

Inaugurated into the world of music production at the tender age of 12, a passion for music and such early entertainment platforms as Music for Playstation and eJay were quickly transitioned into an early-rising understanding of Reason. His teenage years took him to New Zealand, offering a quiet and concentrated space in which Butler could hone his senses to craft with little in the way of distraction. As a student, Leeds helped Josh put two and two together, making up for lost time with a steady uprising of the city's beloved nightspots that primed the taste buds for impending global ascendancy.

The sound of Josh Butler is a club lover's affair. Infatuated by the prospect of making people move and taking like minds into the early hours with intense club cuts, a packed room and a good vibe is what truly summoned Butler to the cause. At the dawn of 2013, there was no intention of global explosion behind stripped back MTA debut “Got A Feeling.” In foresight, the track invariably proved to be Josh's breakout into the industry's field of vision, racking remix duties from Ben Pearce and Bontan along the way. Likewise, the Leeds-based breakout had little time to consider that eight months down the line, his “Closer” / “Keep Movin” would receive a heroes welcome from tastemakers at every possible avenue. The industry perked an ear, Pete Tong gave his seal of approval on the BBC airwaves and before long, Butler had become the household name that everyone from Steve Lawler to Heidi was championing.

On home territory, Josh has become something of an ambassador to the next generation of integral house advocates. True to the momentum of his releases, the past two years have seen global ears have prick to this groove favoring talent. Scaling Ibiza, Lyon, Vienna, Kiev and Switzerland with his concentrated clubbing experience, Butler's playing field is growing bigger by the month – much like the size of the crowds now flocking to hear what all the fuss is about.

Championed for underground impact and savored for his ‘less is more' approach, the year ahead is showing little sign of slowing down for Warrington's worst kept secret. From here, Josh Butler is all about building that positive momentum towards new and compelling heights. Past the No Thrills EP for MadTech, his is timeline racking impressive aspirations for the global dance community. He's got global ventures on the mind, high brow remix duties to unfold and of course, a pledge to keep dance music in the hands of those who truly savor the art over its mainstream properties. Proving that familiarity can still be fresh and ability is in the control of its beholder, Josh Butler is a force to be reckoned with on the European front.

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