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Clubbing like a boss: Amnesia

Part three of the CLAB series takes us to Amnesia Ibiza.

Oh Amnesia... even if I wanted, I couldn't count all the hours I've been dancing inside this club since I first set foot on Ibiza. Years ago it was mostly about the Main Room, but lately since the refurbishment of the Terrace in 2008, this dancefloor simply has some weird magnetic power...

The San Rafael superclub has been going from strength to strength for a bunch of seasons now, and hitting Amnesia on a busy night (which is most nights to be honest) is an impressive experience for both newcomers as well as seasoned Ibiza and party lovers. Want to have a great night there? Then make sure you get Amnesia right after reading these tips.

The Main Room ice cannon. In a way, the Terrace is mostly the main room nowadays, but the actual Main Room still feels like a witch's cauldron on many nights. The power of the soundsystem and the energy of the people often create an electrifying atmosphere in this room. Plus, there's Ibiza's original ice cannon. OK, a lot of the clubs have CO2 cannons these days, but position yourself about 10 metres from the DJ booth in the middle of the dancefloor (not on the elevated bit) and wait for it. You'll literally be blown away. The DJ booth is also a lot lower than it used to be, which enhances the communication between artists and crowd.

The Terrace. I am in love with this dancefloor, simple as. I don't care what time of day or night it is when I'm dancing there, it is just an amazingly great floor. It has a very high ceiling, which gives the room an airy feel. There are elevated platforms and podiums if you like to have a bit of an overview, the DJ booth is at a perfect level and the soundsystem is also really powerful. But the best thing about the Terrace is undoubtedly the vibe when the daylight starts coming back. A few nights, especially the two weekly underground / techno parties Cocoon and Music On, tend to continue for longer in the morning (praise be!). The atmosphere you get to experience in these hours is pure gold and worth sticking around for. Believe me, I've had my fair share of clubbing over the years but it's exactly these magic moments we witness on Amnesia Terrace early morning that keep me going back again and again.

Places to chill. You don't come to Amnesia to chill. No no. But if you really need a break, you either head upstairs at the back of the Terrace and have a breather there, head up to the VIP area if you have a VIP balcony access ticket (available for Cream and Together), a proper VIP table or if you've simply got the looks. Alternatively head outside through the main entrance/exit, where you can have a sit in an outdoor smoking zone - you'll find it.

Getting hungry. You can buy some amazing hotdogs outside (in the above mentioned chill zone). Honestly they're so delicious, the place should get Michelin stars. OK maybe not, but it'll do the trick. Apart from that, and this is a tip for the closing party (read on for this, we'll get to it), the bar on the far right of the Terrace (to the right of the DJ when looking at the booth) has a coffee machine and often gets fresh croissants late in the night.

Getting hungry, part II. Right, let's just assume the hotdogs aren't your thing (how can anyone not love hotdogs?). Did you know there is a sushi restaurant on the rooftop of Amnesia? No I am not joking. B.for, whose homebase is located close to Pacha, also runs a sushi restaurant high above the club's Terrace dancefloor. Now, we've just launched a brand spanking new ticket option which might be exactly your thing. It's a combo ticket that includes dinner up in the Amnesia B.for restaurant as well as VIP access to the club. The cost of the package is understood as minimum spend in the restaurant, varying from 70€ to 100€ per head, and some peak dates are a tad more expensive, but all in all it's really reasonable and a great option in my opinion. Read all about this new and Spotlight exclusive offer HERE.

The bottleneck. By now you've probably noticed I really like Amnesia. But there's always something that isn't quite perfect and I think mentioning this will also help. The entrance to each of both rooms is pretty narrow and the passage between the two isn't the widest either. This results in a bit of a bottleneck on busy nights. There is no special trick or hint I can give you about it and there's no way around it either. Just accept the fact that changing from one floor to another might take some time. The best advice I can give is to relax and keep your cool while you make your way. Eventually everyone gets where they want to go. Don't rush, don't push, be nice and be friendly.

DJ set times. They are always published on the wall just as you get into the building and before you either head to the Terrace to the left or into the Main Room to the right.

Cloakroom / ATM. Amnesia has a cloakroom and it is located at the right hand side just as you get into the Main Room. There is no ATM though so come armed with cash and cards.

Amnesia opening and especially Amnesia closing party. The Amnesia season starts and ends with a bang. Amnesia opening and closing are two beasts of parties which aren't for the faint-hearted, but if you're an eager raver, you'll be in heaven. The line-up is always top notch and includes some of the best techno and tech house DJs of the moment as well as the club's residents. What makes those parties special though are the opening hours. Especially the closing party is a marathon fiesta. Starting in the night as per normal, Amnesia closing knows almost no boundaries in terms of closing hours; in the past few years, the music stopped somewhere between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday! As a result, many people in the know only arrive in the early morning hours, then stay until the very end. As I said, it's not a party for the weak or casual clubbers. It's very busy and it does get messy indeed, but the atmosphere on the terrace during Amnesia closing is simply unbeatable. For a lot of island residents it's the party highlight of the year. Do you remember how you used to feel on Christmas morning when you were a child? Well, that's exactly how I feel when I wake up very early in the morning on Amnesia closing day.

Up next, Ushuaïa. Speak tomorrow.

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