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Clubbing like a boss: Pacha

Spotlight's clubbing boss giving you the insider tips for enjoying the superclubs. First off: Pacha Ibiza.

OK, I have to admit I have a pretty cool job. A part of my work includes being out at night - a lot to be honest. It's always a good excuse to say "sorry babe, I'm on duty"...and off I go to the next party. So you can probably imagine I know the clubs on beautiful Ibiza like the back of my hand.

The other night I found myself in the middle of a packed dancefloor, making my way from one end of the floor to the other and noticed a group of people trying to do the same, but they didn't look too comfy in the process! Later the same night I overheard a conversation of two girls walking past me saying "I'm starving, let's leave"...but before I could tell them "wait there's food inside here", they were gone.

This made me think. We're hitting peak season right now and there are still thousands of people coming to Ibiza in the next two months; maybe I could share some of my knowledge to the community and thus help to make your visits to some of the clubs better and more comfortable. Ibiza virgins, read those lines well, but I think even the odd veteran could still learn something new...

Let's begin with Pacha.

As most of you will know, Pacha isn't the biggest club on the island (with a capacity of around 3000 people), but due to how Pacha is built, it oozes so much 'Ibiza vibe' and has so many hidden gems, it should definitely be on everyone's list. The club offers a nicely varied line up this year and is so far doing great this season. Here are my personal tips for Pacha.

Pacha's different rooms. Go and find them all. You've only seen Pacha if you've found the Funky Room/El Cielo, the Global Room and Pachacha/Sweet Pacha. Keep in mind there's more than the Main Room in Pacha. If the DJ in the Main Room isn't on form (it does happen!), simply try out one of the other rooms. The Funky Room is a great alternative mostly and Sweet Pacha (just as you come in through the main entrance to the left) often has non-electronic music, so you can even please your friends that don't like the boom boom boom.

Pacha Restaurant. Not a secret anymore, but always good to mention. If you have dinner in Pacha restaurant, your club entry is included. There's a minimum spend which currently is between 100€ and 120€ per person (depending on the night), but this works out quite cost effectively. The restaurant is divided into the open air section (Sushi lounge) and the main restaurant which is indoors. I've had the pleasure to test a few things on their menu and the résumé is a simple YUM! Reservation is essential, call +34 971 310 959 in the evenings (book your table way before you arrive on the island).

The rooftop terrace. Still one of Ibiza's best places to enjoy a drink, mingle with the crowd, meet old faces and new, breathe some fresh air and have a quick break from the madness inside below. Also, if you're not up for the proper Pacha restaurant experience but still get hungry while dancing, there's now a 'gin & burger' joint on the rooftop - perfect for your late night snack! Last but not least - and this is one for the guys mostly - enjoy the girl in the glass.

The detour. On the busiest nights, getting into the Pacha Main Room the direct way (meaning straight ahead when you get in) can be a bit of a challenge - but there's a way around it. It's longer to walk, but believe me, it's great. As you pass the main entrance, turn right directly when you get into the building and head into the Global Room. Turn right again and walk up the narrow flight of stairs. This will lead you to the aforementioned rooftop terrace. Grab a drink on the way (mostly little to no waiting time at the bars up there) and take either of the two other doors to get into the building again. The one on the left (past the toilets) will bring you to the Funky Room first and then into the Main Room. The one to the right is even better - you'll end up on the gallery, high above the Main Room, where you have great views on the action below. Up there you can acclimatise yourself, finish your drink and join the mischief whenever you're ready.

Pacha VIP. A lot of people think VIP at Pacha is super expensive. But it's in fact one of the most affordable ones in Ibiza. The regular tables cost 200€ per head - and that then includes drinks up until this value. Of course there are special tables which are much more expensive, but just to point out that the table experience isn't something that no one can afford. The regular tables can be booked directly through Spotlight, just choose the night here. Some advice: the smallest tables (the ones for just two people) are always gone very quickly. So if you are looking for a table for one of the busier nights (especially F*** Me I'm Famous), try to get a group together and your chances to actually get a table are greater than if you're just a couple.

The Pacha shop. Not a secret really, but your friends will love the keyrings, lighters and t-shirts you'll bring them along when coming back from your holiday. Everything with the obligatory cherry logo of course. The shop's just at the right as you come through the main gate.

DJ set times. They're always published directly at the main gate on the wall to the right as you hand over your ticket. Inside they're published on various places too, for example just at the entrance to the Global Room.

Cloakroom / ATM. Pacha has both. The cloakroom is to the left just as you enter the building, and the ATM is located at the entrance to the toilets at the left hand side of the main room. Of course you can pay for your drinks with cards though!

Two tips to end with: 1) Do Flower Power at least once in your life, it's too good and too much fun to miss out on. 2) On some nights it can be worthwhile to ask for after-hours wristbands at the exit as you stumble outside the venue at 7am. You never know...

That's it for today, tomorrow we'll talk about Space!

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WORDS | Michael Stivanello

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