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Big moves for SupermartXé in 2014

A collaboration with Red One, new music releases, a residency at Ocean Beach... this will be the biggest season yet!

Privilege's most lavish and outrageous party, SupermartXé, has kept awfully quiet until now, busy making plans for a summer of bold new ventures and collaborations that will see the already popular party sky-rocket to the next level.

The first big news is that pop music producer RedOne is now an official partner of SupermartXé Ibiza. To give you an idea of how big a fish RedOne is, we should mention he is responsible for many of the hits from artists such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, Enrique Inglesias, Pitbull, One Direction, Akon and Kelly Rowland, and is also the founder of record companies 2101 (in alliance with Universal Music) and RedOne Records.

The first fruits of this new partnership that will filter out to the public will be SupermartXé's first music release, SupermartXé vs RedOne – A Ricky Kee. The track will be the first of many SupermartXé and RedOne chart toppers, as further new tracks will be released in the following months with collaborations from some of the biggest production names in the international business.

VIDEO | Oh the drama! A taste of the SupermartXé season to come featuring the sparkling highlights of 2013.

The next big announcement for SupermartXé is the beginning of a new residency in addition to the famous Friday nights at Privilege we know and love. Now you can catch SupermartXé sessions at Ocean Beach Club in July and August this year. Given the flamboyant, fun and risqué nature of every SupermartXé fiesta, an outdoor pool party was the next logical step! The pool parties will run for a full twelve hours, to make the most of both the sparkling sunlight hours and the warm evenings in the luxurious surrounds of Ocean Beach.

Obviously on a mission to dominate this summer, the SupermartXé team has also announced that as well as the usual Main Room festivities it will be taking over Vista Club on Friday nights with Superman. They're keeping pretty quiet about what Superman will entail, but we do know it's not confined to Privilege – and that there will be a Superman by SupermartXé bar somewhere in Ibiza Town port.

Things are looking very positive for SupermartXé, with new partnerships, new residencies, music, venues and even new offices on the island. You can be sure this will translate directly through to the quality of SupermartXé parties; expect an even stronger year of the dazzles and debauchery that SupermartXé does better than anyone.

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