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Best of 2013: Space

Up next in the series of 'Best of 2013' we have Space! Oh yes, oh yes it is. Sorry, couldn't resist...

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages... no wait, that's from Star Trek. This little beauty of a club is based on our beloved island of Ibiza and between late may and the start of October thousands upon thousands of eager clubbers stroll through the doors to check out the 5 (6 if you include the car park for openings and closings) individual arenas of dancefloor destruction.

Some of our favourite parties go down weekly here - Richie Hawtin's ENTER, our much loved Sunday gathering at We Love..., and a man we all want to be best friends with - Carl Cox - and his Revolution parties.

The opening and closing fiestas have become the official/unofficial bookends to the clubbing season on the island, showing the sway that the club holds even though their opening and closing parties aren't the first or last to take place. As the car park, or flight area, is opened especially for these parties, the capacity jumps up by a significant amount and we have all enjoyed some truly special moments raving where normally dust covered and battered motors bake in the midday sun.

Have a little look at our selection of favourite photos from the 2013 season by click the image below. Enjoy.

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