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Ibiza Virgins: How can I meet new people?

… we’re talking about making friends here, not a dating service. What you do next is your affair!

Updated August 2017.

There's no shame in wanting a few pointers on making friends in a foreign country because by travelling here on your own you've already proven you're solid. Even those who come in pairs or small groups are wise to look beyond their established social corner and have a proper holiday. And that means meeting some of the thousands of like-minded people on the island so you don't miss out on the full Ibiza experience.

Spotlight Forums

Before you get here, check out the Ibiza Spotlight Forums – the best and most used of their kind. The forums are an invaluable information tool for an Ibiza Virgin as they are frequented by long-time Ibiza regulars and residents who know almost everything there is to know about the island – and questions are always welcome.

They are also used by people looking for others to get to know or go to parties with; just search for 'meet' and see what threads come up. On the forums, you will meet people that truly love the White Isle and are generally up for anything - and it's a great way to stay in touch for the next Ibiza trip.

Things to avoid:

Posting messages like this:
“Girl seeking strong man for love, protection and de facto benefits.”
“Guy seeks large woman dressed in sexy rabbit costume – must be open-minded.”

Engage with the Workers

Ibiza Workers can seem cliquey but are generally a very friendly bunch. It's worth muscling into their scene if you can – you'll meet some great people, get insider's knowledge and there will always be some form of makeshift after-party to get involved with. So quash the inclination to swat the PRs away with your sun hat and get chatting instead! In San Antonio workers often frequent venues in the West End and on the Sunset Strip. To blend in, why not wear a bumbag and shorts that might also fit a 7-year-old child? Start shuffling like a bandit and telling people how Ibiza changed your life. You're in.

Things to avoid:

Waking up three days later in a workers' apartment having missed your flight. It happens.

Pre-Parties and Boat Parties

The Ibiza superclubs are as massive and loud as you expect, so although you can meet some great characters on the dance floor (see final sub-heading), your bond will be exclusively based on your mutual appreciation of that wicked bass line and not much more. Pre-parties (often held on the Sunset Strip bars) and boat parties have all the fun party atmosphere, plus the added bonus of being able to hold down a conversation. Going to a pre-party of the night you're attending is a great way to expand your crew for the clubbing session to come; as drinks are cheaper than at the superclubs conversation is sure to be flowing freely… Boat parties have the added bonus of keeping several hundred of you in a confined (though spectacular) space for a good three hours – a captive and willing audience! A number of boat parties are available in both San Antonio and Playa de'n Bossa.

Things to avoid:

Don't be the person who - in a frantic attempt to intoxicate themselves before entry to the club - ends up regurgitating their evening in the gutter and never makes it to the main event. Nobody likes that person.

The Beach

Playa d'en Bossa Beach is easily the most social for clubbers, with beach bar parties spilling out onto the sands the full length of PdB there are always people up for a laugh along this coastline. Think outside the box on your way home from the clubs; a dawn walk along Playa d'en Bossa beach after a night at Ibiza, for example, can turn up some fantastic characters. San Antonio Bay beaches are also big social hubs, plus for a more multicultural scene head to Salinas in the south east, another social stretch of coast where people are usually open to being approached.

The trick on the beach is to make people come to you, so you'll need some beach activities up your sleeve to draw a fun crowd. Don't turn your nose up at beach toys: start the game of Frisbee, engage in a pool noodle light saber duel, set your hands to Xtreme Sandcastle Building (must be extreme to attract the right kind of attention, for example sculpt the leaning tower of Pisa or a detailed bust of Richie Hawtin).

Things to avoid:

Approaching topless girls for a ‘chat' whilst wearing dark sunglasses. Boys, they are onto you.

Lone Ranger Rave Sessions

It's easy in the big clubs to stick to your circle of friends and only engage with them. Whilst it's wonderful to enjoy the music with your mates, don't let that be the only way you experience it. The sense of community and camaraderie with strangers on a dance floor that can be communicated by as little as a glance is the jewel in the clubbing experience and always has been. The best way to be open to these moments and make some new rave buddies is to embark upon a solo clubbing mission. Whether you go alone from start to finish, or simply ditch your mates for 20 minutes, every clubber worth his or her salt needs to go lone ranger at some point… you'll soon find you're not actually alone at all.

Things to avoid:

Approaching people from behind. Pacifiers.

So whether you come in a rowdy group of ten or on your todd, take a few of these tips away to make the most of your stay and experience the Ibiza through the people who are drawn to it too.

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