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Review: New venture by Cocktail Guru, Chris Edwardes

Cocktail Guru Chris Edwardes and wife Amanda Blanch open a beach bar in Cala San Vincente & Ibiza Spotlight are there on Day One to check it out.


On Ibiza there are many types of 'cool' and I try to duck most of them. However like a moth to a candle there's one type of cool that gets my attention every time. It's the 'cool' that combines he's the man with a good dose of off the beaten track. They're a rare and precious combination and an even rarer find.

Take a man who is an internationally recognised cocktail guru (chuck in a lifetime achievement industry award for good measure, if you'll pardon the pun) and a new beach bar tucked away in Cala San Vincente and you start ticking the boxes for my favourite kind of cool.

Add to that beach bar a children's play area, masseuse area, bowling, crazy golf (each hole sponsored by world brand names ( FatBoy Slim is rumoured to have already reserved his)), free Wi-Fi, outdoor cinema area, garden library (!) and you've a cocktail for something really special.

Take it one step further and slip in a dash of 'don't take yourself too seriously' as you sip your expertly mixed Mojito and you've found the bar where you can let your hair down and give your ego the night off.

The cocktail guru is Chris Edwardes and the beach bar is HIDDEN. Pretentiousness has been banned but fun has VIP status. Quality with simplicity is your host at this down-to-earth venue and popping in as they opened on Saturday, I wanted to applaud. A little 'keeping it real' light shines in the north of the island.

HIDDEN is a work in progress - the free Wi-Fi is yet to be installed, the projector for the outdoor cinema area yet to be purchased. Braggers and paparazzi posers are going to hate it. There's not a bleach-white mattressed sun-bed in sight. Sitting down is free. Worse still, the cocktails made by one of the best mixologists known to man don't require calling Goldman Sachs and re-mortgaging the yacht, drat it ;-)

Lack of pretentiousness - this is rustic charm at its best. Comfortable, homely, a good dash of quirky, welcoming. The folks at the bar as likely to say hello to you as Chris is when he takes your order.
Cocktails made by one of the best - though you won't need me to remind you as the first sip speaks for itself.

Don't like:
I'm still working on this one; I'll get back to you on it.

Open 12-12, 7 days a week. Great cocktails from just 8€, British tapas (think mini shepherds pie etc), parking ample and easy, on the verge of the track beside the bar. Beach across the road (less than 2 minutes from bar to sand)


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