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TEDxDaltVila showcases a wealth of local wisdom

Tap into Ibiza's rich knowledge base on Saturday 23 March.

With the TEDxDaltVila event at Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eulalia coming up fast on Saturday 23 March, it’s high time to focus on some of the highlights that have caught our imagination.

Before we do that though, a quick explanation of what TEDx events are.

Modelled after the world-renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences, TEDx events offer a platform for local communities to showcase innovative thinking, creativity, and inspiration across diverse fields such as science, technology, art, and entrepreneurship.

Speakers at these events deliver captivating talks aimed at sparking meaningful conversations and fostering connections among attendees. Whether you're passionate about learning, exploring new perspectives, or simply seeking inspiration, TEDxDaltVila provides a dynamic space to engage with ideas worth spreading.

This year’s all-day event, titled "Everything Changes//Todo Cambia", consists of 12 keynote speakers, segued by 5 exciting performance artists. Topics will range from coaching and therapy to farming, sustainability and the environment to technological innovation, including, of course, artificial intelligence.

The stage is set... So, let's preview some of the talks that we can’t wait to attend:

For the tech-minded, the talk by Eleanor Manley looks certain to be fascinating. CEO of Metta Space, a Techstars Portfolio company, she is an expert on the topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now: AI. Not only that, but Eleanor is also passionate about promoting diversity in the tech world, with a special focus on women and underrepresented communities.

Stephanie Canavesio is a psychotherapist whose work encompasses bodywork and different psychotherapeutic approaches and who will conduct a session with the intriguing title of "How not to end your marriage when your partner wants to explore?" 

One session we expect to be popular is that by Jeronimo Mazarrasa, Director of Social Innovation at the ICEERS Foundation. At present, Jeronimo leads a project to co-envision the integration of ceremonial plant practices outside of the countries of origin. Hence the name of his talk: "The Paradox of Relationships and the Plants that Changed the World."

Youri Post is an organic farmer whose session is called "A Meditation on Soil". A resident of Can Cristófol organic farm - situated near Santa Eulalia - Youri has had a wonderfully eclectic career path before settling on the island. As well as some practical tips for the garden at home, attendees can hope to deepen their sense of community, learn together, and be inspired to live from and in sync with the land.

From the farm to the table might be one way to segue to our next speaker, vegan chef Christina Raices, whose work here on Ibiza fosters personal values of harmony, promoting sustainable and earth-friendly nutrition. From growing organic vegetables and ancient grains to promoting zero-kilometre cuisine, everything she does is deeply respectful of the environment.

For those of us who live here year-round, the issue of forest fires is of utmost importance. Journalist and sustainable business expert Clara Cano will be holding a session titled "Are we safe from fire?" aimed at refocusing our attention on protecting ourselves from climate change by restoring diversity in our forests. 

Jack Villiers is a Coach, Guide and Ceremonialist well known in Ibiza for his community project Human Work, which nurtures the remembrance of genuine human connection. His work focuses on enabling people to develop a deeper understanding of self so that they can heal past trauma, lead authentically and transform the way they relate to others. "How I overcame fatherlessness" draws on Jack’s long experience working with thousands of men in the UK and Ibiza.

TEDx Dalt Vila is not just about formal talks, however. This being Ibiza, live performance is very much a part of the event.

One performer we certainly will be looking out for is the enchanting, multifaceted Ibiza-born artist, Annabelle Widmann. Having garnered a prestigious Cirque du Soleil Artisan Award with her design called QUANTUM, at TEDxDaltVila she explores the non-tangible, integrating Art and Science in an experimental expression of fantasy, sculpture, costume and movement in a session entitled Quantum_birth.

Meanwhile, Ibiza-based pre-professional contemporary dance collective Ida Company Ibiza will be presenting "Behind the Mask", an artistic creation that reveals the many layers of human identity. As its director, Yaima Arias puts it, "Through dance, we explore the masks we all wear, revealing the hidden truths and authentic emotions that lie behind."

For the full roster of speakers, head over to TEDxDaltVila’s official page. Spaces are limited and tickets are selling fast so, to secure your seat at this exciting annual event, buy your tickets here at Ibiza Spotlight today.

If you'd like to know more about TEDxDaltVila, check out our review of last year's stimulating event

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