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Kayak Ibiza: exciting adventures for all generations

Never mind your age, get onto the water and start paddling!

When friends and family come to visit Ibiza there’s a tick box of island treats to do with them, beach days, sunsets, and strolls around Ibiza Town will always make the list. Of course, for those young and sprightly, a clubbing night out will feature but when it's your parents in their mid-sixties, this doesn’t really have a place on the agenda. 

Luckily the island is filled with incredible experiences that can offer just as much of a thrill, without the late nights and bustling crowds. That's why when the opportunity to join Kayak Ibiza came up, we jumped at the chance.

Where is it?

Located on the right-hand side of Es Figueral beach, Kayak Ibiza offers more than the name gives away. SUP (stand-up paddle board), guided kayak excursions and independent rentals are all available from their shoreline base camp and all offered with full instructions, guidance and of course life jackets.

A beginners guide

Myself and my parents arrived with a mixed bag of experience. My Mum carrying a fair amount of fear and hesitation, myself with a few trips under my belt across the years and my Dad, who once owned a kayak twenty years ago, with probably too much confidence for a man that only used it a handful of times. 

Thankfully, Paolo, Kayak Ibiza’s trusted guide, brought us all expertly up to speed. Explaining the rowing methods to use - twist from your abs so your arms don’t ache - how to turn and slow and the various routes we could take to get the most from the trip, leaving us all feeling confident before setting off.

Out at sea

With Paolo's push, we hit the water and all straight into our stride. Before I knew it, my parents were out in front - my Mum, leading their double kayak with a newfound confidence and poise. 

We guided ourselves towards the coastline and rugged cliffside, taking in the changing rock faces. It's incredible to be so close up and realise just how tiny we are in comparison.

We edged around the cliff's edge, heading towards a small rocky islet. Before embarking on our circle around the rock we took some time to bob on the beautiful emerald water. 

Although the sights surrounding us were beautiful, below was an ever-changing landscape of its own. From white sand to dark green seagrass, before becoming a bed of glass-like rocks each shining a prism of light at us. It was almost inviting enough to jump into.

Water adventures

We meandered slowly, me keeping my parents on their toes with occasional splashes and ‘accidental’ bumps into their kayak. However, time certainly flies when you’re having fun and we soon realised we had already been out for an hour. So, we decided to give it our all with a final race around the rock (they left me for dust!) and head back towards land. 

The final stretch back to shore was an unexpected treat. Despite being a harder paddle - rowing against the current certainly took some extra oomph - the view was quite unreal. The large green forested hills and slimline beach was like something out of Jurassic Park. Simply stunning.

Why should I do it?

If you’re looking for one of those special memory makers this is it. Being able to show my parents - and see for myself - another side of Ibiza was truly magical. 

The expert guidance beforehand allows those less confident to enter the water with ease and for those who know their stuff, then there’s nowhere more beautiful to add to your list.


Kayaking is the perfect experience to take with friends and family, giving you an excellent chance to view the beauty of Ibiza from a new angle and leave you with many incredible photos and stories to tell. If you would like to find out more, head over to our Kayak Ibiza page for all the info.


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