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Album of the month | Spiritual Milk by CAMELPHAT

Evolution, exploration and endless melodic grooves.

Happy New Year! Now we've got the festive period out of the way, we can take a breather from the feasting and hosting and get stuck into some music. Did Santa bring you any musical goodies?

Over the next week, our staff writers and contributors will be revisiting their favourite albums from 2023. Next up, Jo pores over CAMELPHAT's follow-up album.

Title: Spiritual Milk
Label: When Stars Align
Released: 15 September

Sounds like: An unfiltered trip into the minds of two ever-evolving musical creatives

Masterminds behind Grammy-nominated record Cola, Panic Room and Breathe, CAMELPHAT have undoubtedly nailed the formula for a chart-topping hit. Therefore, it would be an easy option to simply repeat the steps with a high chance of success almost guaranteed. But this is not the CAMELPHAT way.

At this year’s International Music Summit, the Liverpudlian duo made up of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, were heralded as "kings of reinvention" by Pete Tong, when discussing their musical curiosity which has spurred a new venture into darker, melodic realms.

It’s impossible not to mention CAMELPHAT's new musical direction without giving due credit to their high-profile Tuesday night Pacha residency which has stormed Ibiza this summer. Inviting a cast of Progressive House and Melodic Techno DJs, some of which are album collaborators, the party created a space for CAMELPHAT to go full throttle on their darker sound.

With the sun set on another Ibiza season, CAMELPHAT serve Spiritual Milk, a 16-track kaleidoscope of melodic grooves on their own label, When Stars Align. Featuring a whirlpool of vocal and production talent and sending out a poignant message of freedom and eternal gratitude, Spiritual Milk is a psychedelic trip in soundwave form.

You only have to take one look at the album cover designed by artist Niko Christian for an incline that pure euphoria lies ahead. 

The twinkling of chimes sound album opener Hope featuring Max Milner, a previous studio hook-up. As enlightening and delicate as Hope is, it lends a firm hand in setting the LP apart from 2020 debut album Dark Matter.

Reaching what feels like an ethereal pinnacle only four tracks deep, The Sign brings an assured elegance as CAMELPHAT and Anyma (one half of Melodic Techno force Tale Of Us) collide. The result? A slow-building expedition led by a deep invigorating beat and angelic vocal hook.

If there was still any question of CAMELPHAT's newfound calling, then carrying the responsibility of sampling electronic pioneers Kraftwerk is sure to silence any non-believers. Featuring solo artist Ali Love, Computer Love borrows the Electro melody from 1981 release It's More Fun To Compute in a groove-riding refresh.

CAMELPHAT's repertoire of all-star guest features continue with Danish master Kölsch's presence is felt in instrumental number Colossus. Introducing a shift in tempo powering an infatuating kick and heavy-lifting synths the collaboration is a standout play amongst many.

Higher (Spiritual Mike edit) follows suit with London Grammar lending their unmistakable vocals to the rise and fall composition. Still far from their previous commercial records, Higher eases into the melodic sound with an accessible dance beat.

RHODES, Jake Bugg, Julia Church and Delilah Montagu play their role. Each offering their signature vocal rapture in return for a soundscape that induces emotion.

Spiritual Milk is the next chapter in CAMELPHAT’s artistic evolution where creative freedom reigns and genre moulds are broken. Supplying nourishment for the soul and escapism for the mind - there's only one thing left to do.

In the words of CAMELPHAT, "take the trip and enjoy the ride."

Highlights: The Sign, Colossus, Compute, Higher

Spiritual Milk is out now. BUY HERE

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