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Album of the month | Catharsis by Sven Väth

The Cocoon maestro returns with his first studio album in 20 years.

Artist: Sven Väth
Title: Catharsis
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Released: 25 February

Sounds like: Purifying dance rituals and the exchange of spiritual energies most carnal


Much like a needle finding the groove on a record, Sven Väth struck the balance between hedonistic party animal and zenful spirituality many years ago.

He's equally at home meditating in quiet contemplation at a yoga retreat in Goa, as he is storming Amnesia's terrace at 07:00 in the morning. Both sides of that persona are on display on Catharsis.

More introspective moments can be found on the dreamlike Panta Rhei and Silvi's Dream, a love note to the artist's girlfriend.

Nyx's cold minimalism and absence of a traditional drop, make it something that Sven's old friend Richie Hawtin might levitate towards. Recurring usage of his own voice, not least on lead-single Feiern, plus scatterings of ethnic influences are threaded through the album.

Appearances from a gong, tribal drums, sacred chanting and Japanese vocalist Cana Hatsushiba all point to Sven's worldly nature.

Gregor Tresher provides a strong assist. The studio engineer and mastering expert takes co-production credits on the project. The Cocoon Recordings mainstay has long been an unsung hero, having given the party plenty of defining tunes during its run.

Having shied away from the album format for so long, instead focusing on his popular annual mix series, the legendary recording artist marks a triumphant return with Catharsis.


Highlights: Butoh, Nyx, Mystic Voices, We Are

Catharsis is out now and can be streamed and purchased HERE

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