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Last super-club to close Pacha ends on tradition

We end on Solomun +1 on 16 October, but there's a lot more before all that.

When it comes to global clubbing brands, Pacha is just in a league of its own.

The club empire and its iconic logo signify dancefloor excellence and exquisite taste the world over. But it is from the Ibiza epicentre where that reputation glows strongest. It's the flagship venue and its programme reflects this stature - it really does attract the best brands and DJs.

From Marco Carola to Solomun, Claptone to Robin Schulz, every resident is an international headliner and class act.

Although closing parties have already begun, for 2022 Pacha goes later than any of the other of the seasonal clubs. Want to learn more about what's going on? Read on.

Flower Power | Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

Flower Power | Monday 3 October

Ibiza's summer just wouldn't be the same without Flower Power - and neither would closing party season.

You might think after over 40 years of this legendary party, its appeal might start to petter out. Not a chance. In fact, Flower Power enjoyed one of its most successful seasons ever, which goes to show that there is a thirst for music and a good time that goes beyond the electronic.

Victor Nebot and Sergio Vicedo have steered the ship every week this summer, including a few daytime dalliances at Cova Santa. That continues at the closing party on 3 October, with one final, free-loving and flowery blowout. Time to let your hair down and share the love.


Pure Pacha by Poselski Creative


Pure Pacha is emblematic of the two cherries. In 2022, it was given a fresh breath of life as Robin Schulz was installed at the party's host. Robin earned his Pacha stripped as deputy for David Guetta for many years, so he couldn't have had a better tutorship.

With its accessible music policy and extenuating the values that Pacha holds so dear, it's a simple formula for success. Throw in some seasoned support, like Mr Doris and a handful of flavoursome pals (Jonas Blue, Bakermat and KC Lights to name a few).

Pure Pacha made way for Reggaeton night Pacha Latino Gang during peak season but returned to see out summer and end on a high. For the closing party, Jax Jones is back as guest DJ.


A Wednesday Saga | Pacha by Raul Sanchez

Bedouin A Wednesday Saga | 5 October

Sealing off the summer on Wednesday, DJ Tennis and Hoomance will close the drapes alongside the enigmatic Bedouin at A Wednesday Saga. The duo's captivating residency has had a successful season at their new home, Pacha.

They've been able to showcase their true identity on a much larger and more profound scale. With the duos' enchanting and healing sounds that totally engross you, Tamer and Rami's audio signature sends you to another world. If you're still yet to go, you've got one last chance tomorrow.


El Baile | Pacha by Raul Sanchez

El Baile | Thursday 6 October

El Baile was a brand new party on the island for 2022, creating a totally new Pacha experience. For each edition, the club has been transformed into an explorative haven with nooks and crannies waiting to be delved into.

Kittin, Sarah Main and LP Giobbi lead the way to close out the party for the summer - three leading ladies in the industry right now.

El Baile, which translates to The Dance, celebrates freedom, equality, diversity and unity and has definitely achieved this with its line-ups this summer. While the party is not an out-and-out LGBTQ party, it recognises and emphasises the roots of clubbing culture.

Something super different that will open up your eyes and mind. BUY TICKETS & MORE INFO

The Masquerade | Pacha by Raul Sanchez

The Masquerade | Saturday 8 October

Saturday 8 October sees the final chapter from the man in the golden mask. Claptone and his infamous The Masquerade cap off a successful 2022 summer. With special guests still to be announced, let your imagination run wild. He does like to keep us guessing, doesn't he?

With performances from DJs such as Kerri Chandler, Hannah Wants, Dom Dolla and more this summer, Claptone has a tendency to invite guests from across the House spectrum. Who is he going to end the summer with? Your guess is as good as mine.

All we can say for sure is that magic and mystery lie in store. BUY TICKETS & MORE INFO

Music On | Pacha by Raul Sanchez

Music On | Friday 14 October

Such is the continued appeal of Music On, that our ticket stock for both the closing party and the week before (7 October) has run dry - and has been for weeks. That says just about all you need to know. The finale with Loco Dice, Richy Ahmed and Ms Mada will be a roadblock.

For those still eager to catch Marco Carola and his cohorts on this day, we do have a solution...

Music On Daytime at Destino proceeds the Pacha party. In fact, this is the one and only time this summer it's been possible to do the Music On double-header and sail straight through. These marathons test the endurance of the most committed clubbers. Do you have the resolve?

Techno warriors Paco Osuna, Joey Daniel, Latmun, Calvin Clarke and Ale de Tuglie are all in tow.


Solomun +1 | Sunday 16 October

Ending the season on Solomun's last party has become an Ibizan tradition. For, quite literally, the last super-club date of 2022, it's only the hordes of clubbers that come along. Frankly, everyone in the industry based on the island will be in attendance, regardless of their allegiances.

This is our time to come to dance together after a busy summer of duties and work commitments. It's like a reunion and a goodbye all at the same time. Emotional, it will be.

Amsterdam Dance Event starts a few days later and the island will go, not quite into hibernation mode, but definitely a slower pace of life. That will be welcomed, but before then we're going to give it some welly one last time. You'd better believe we're not leaving until we're kicked out!

Might we get an afters the next day? Please say we do. BUY TICKETS & MORE INFO

Just like every season, that will be a party to end all parties.

While Pacha Ibiza will go into a dormant mode for winter, Pacha Group itself will be keeping very busy as it continues developments in other territories, including the long-awaited Lío London at the former Café de Paris site. Expect news on the ex-tipic club in La Savina, Formentera too.

Plus there's the background noise of owners Trilantic trying to find new investors to help expand the empire. Never a dull moment, even when the doors to the club slam shut.

Basically, lots to chew over during our off-season.

To find details of all the remaining parties of Ibiza 2022 - and those all-important tickets - please visit our party calendar.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Raul Sanchez

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