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Hayley | 5 times the dancefloor rocked in 2022

Our nightlife social media manager and sober raving expert picks her summer highlights.

Heading into (almost) the final month of the Ibiza 2022 season, it seems the ideal time to reflect on all this summer has brought me. To get back into my clubbing stride was a dream after so long coping with just a mini speaker, friends and a space cleared on the lounge floor to dance.

Even at the ripe old age of 40 (okay, actually 42 - but who's counting?) I still love music and clubbing as much as when I first started. Best believe, I can still give it as good as the youngsters raving next to me on the dancefloor.

Before I turn my congratulations to the DJs, parties and venues, I also have to note that pretty much all my club nights have been done sober. This confirmed even more to me my love for this island and all it brings.

Those true highs can be found through a banging drop and a hand-raising uplifting vocal.

Kevin & Perry Go Large Reunion | Amnesia | by Charlie Raven Photography

Kevin & Perry Go Large | Amnesia | 6 June

My love for Trance runs deep. Along with dirty Speed Garage basslines, this was my introduction to clubbing and it has never lost a place in my heart. For me, the Kevin & Perry Go Large 20th Anniversary party with my pal Vicky Devine was always shaping up to be a winner.

The first party felt like the island truly got back on its feet and the meaning of what clubbing was about resurrected once more. Every tune caused hands to lift to the air, whoops of joy and smiles ear to ear. It was that much of a blinder, people are still talking about it now.

With only a few weeks to go to the next one, my fisherman's hat is ready and waiting to go!

Part two takes place on Tuesday 27 September. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS

Clockwork Orange | Tanit Beach Ibiza

Clockwork Orange | Tanit Beach Club | 17 July

Following the two year hiatus, it felt like I had this four day party weekend marked in my diary since the beginning of time. Sadly, despite knocking on pretty much every door and hitting up every contact, the guestlist for the Cova Santa day party was having its own lockdown.

Not to be perturbed, I still managed a triple header across the weekend, stopping at Amnesia, Tanit Beach Club and Sunset Ashram.

Tanit was the one that took the disco biscuit. The music, the energy, the sheer joy and abandonment of every long-toothed clubber present was a vibe in itself. Every grinning face in there would agree with me. Infectious in every sense.

This is a party for us veterans to remember the good old days and for the youngsters to simply gaze in amazement at our relentless ability to party. It may have taken several days of recovery but I think we showed them who does it best.

Also to note, Gok Wan asked me for a cigarette and gave me a hug. I'm now officially part of the Orange Army.

Clockwork Orange weekend takes place 19 to 24 July in 2023.
Melon Bomb take over Tanit on Sunday 11 September.

Sven Väth presents Catharsis | Las Dalias

Sven Väth presents Catharsis | Las Dalias and Akasha | 4 August

Despite my many seasons, I have never managed Sven Väth's Cocoon at Amnesia.

However his island notoriety and legendary skills behind the decks have been one I've been longing to see. So finally with his pirate flag finally returned and wisping in the wind, I joined the up-for-it, international crowd in the open-air Las Dalias garden.

The night went off and in a small intimate space like this the energy was something quite special.

Pete Tong and Patrick Topping hung around on the edges as Sven flipped through his record box. I'm ashamed to say I didn't realise part of his legendary status comes from the fact he is still a vinyl DJ. It is incredible to watch such a master at work, relaxed and chilled as he selects each track and builds the energy in the room.

I managed to video him selecting his next track from his record box, which I occasionally watch back in awe. I'm already planning to be back front and centre for one last Sven session in 2022.

Sven Väth's confirmed remaining Ibiza 2022 appearances

Louder | Eden

Louder | Eden | 8 August

For full disclosure, Drum & Bass has never been my music genre of choice. My previous experience is stumbling into a tent at a festival for a quick five minute bounce, followed by a hasty exit. This summer work commitments led me there and it was one of the most unexpectedly brilliant nights I've had. Sometimes it's the nights you least expect.

After establishing a sober dance routine to pretty much every style, I was apprehensive I could bring it and get on the level of the D&B heads? Despite my reservations, I soon discovered I could.

I quickly found my stride with the help of Andy C's bouncing set and the baying crowds. You can't beat watching people hanging off railings with hands slicing through the air to get your energy lifted.

The quality of DJs there is unreal and with special shout-outs to Siren and Koven, Louder has been pulling a growing and dedicated crowd as it moves through the season.

Louder has two more dates left in 2022, closing party part one and part two. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS

Bicep Live concert | Pyramid | Amnesia | 4 September

I've had Bicep on repeat for the past month. There's something hauntingly addictive to their tracks. Like a lot of the island, I've been in anticipation for this night for some time.

Although the start of the night didn't go to plan, stood in a 45 minute queue as it began to rain, my spirits soon lifted after getting inside. The lads from Belfast did not disappoint. The crowd was on form as the banging Techno led us all the way to the end of their incredible set and the closing, with Glue and Apricots back to back.

This was the perfect opener to the last leg of our 2022 season and the nudge to make the most of the little time we have left on Ibizan dancefloors.

Pyramid continues each and every Sunday until 9 October. MORE INFO & BUY TICKETS

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