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Saga Ibiza boat trip: an experience unlike any other

This schooner trip is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking ways to view the coastline of Ibiza and Formentera.

Let us set the scene: a beautiful summer’s day in Ibiza, the crystal-clear Mediterranean stretches out in front of you, the Balearic’s most picturesque island awaits, and a beautiful old schooner is docked up ready to take you on a relaxing ride across towards deep turquoise waters.

As the beautiful Saga cuts through the bright blue waters of the Ibizan coastline, sails billowing in the wind, laughter rings out across the deck and drinks flow unbounded. 

Setting off from Ibiza Town, the old town and castle loom over the bay, their magnificence striking, giving guests the chance to take photos and marvel at the view. As the trip gets underway, passengers settle into the comfortable vessel, either reclining on the wide cream loungers or sitting with their legs overboard, dipping into the sea as the ship rides the waves. 

The expansive hull of the ship makes for a stable ride, giving passengers ample room to unwind and admire the breathtaking views. On days when the breeze is sufficient, the sails are hosted up to the mast, allowing the Saga to cruise along the Mediterranean waves. Pure bliss.

The friendly crew, complete in matching striped shirts, provide guests with generous glasses of sumptuous sangria, and stop for a chat, informing those on board of what their trip to Formentera will entail… excitement stirs at the mention of paella and paddleboarding yet to come. 

Throughout the journey to Formentera, ambient beats serenade those on board, providing the perfect soundscape for the setting, an idyllic mix of relaxation and groove. 

Upon arriving at the crystalline waters, guests are given ample time to jump off the beautiful schooner, swim, and cool down - a refreshing break from the glorious midday sun. Activities abound: jumping from the magnificent bow, snorkelling and spotting fish dart below, or paddleboarding around the boat. 

The scent of fresh and fragrant seafood cooking at the stern of the boat wafts towards the swimming guests, causing mouths to water as they continue to bask in the Spanish sun. 

As we stepped back onboard Saga, we were met with the call for Paella. Fresh, flavourful, and overflowing with local ingredients, this is some of the tastiest paella available on the island. Each portion was piled high with crab, clams, mussels, prawns and much more. 

The delicious dish was paired with bread and aioli, a refreshing locally sourced tomato salad, and ice-cold glasses of wine, rosé a particular favourite. As we sat on the deck, salty and sun-kissed, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect meal.

Before long, ripe and juicy pineapple and melon were presented on platters, providing a delightful end to our time on Formentera. With a final dip to wash off the juice, we were on our way. People lounged on deck, taking the opportunity for a siesta or a chat with other passengers. Others sipped on wine, beer or soft drinks, admiring the views on the return journey to Ibiza.

This excursion sails once a week as a boat trip. Book your trip to paradise on the Saga here. 

Saga Ibiza can also be chartered as an exclusive private hire, find all details here. 


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