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Woomoon announces opening party at Cova Santa

Star gazing and moon bathing restarts on Friday 27 May.

Creative collective LunArts has announced the return of Woomoon to its spiritual home of Cova Santa.

Known for its nomadic sound, spiritual ethos and worldly consciousness, Woomoon begins its 2022 season on Friday 27 May - a new moon, of course.

Cova Santa's outdoor restaurant and multi-tiered venue has become the ideal canvas and playground for Woomoon's creatives to run free.

For this special occasion, Oliver Koletzki plays an extended set. He's joined by Ibizan DJ Valentín Huedo, Wanduta and Jo.Ke (live).

Aside from some of the best Deep House DJs and live acts, attendees can experience food vendors, clothing stalls, fortune readers and other immersive activities dotted around Cova Santa. It's also one of the few parties that allows under 18s to attend.

Although Cova Santa was one of the venues that managed to operate in 2021, we are excited for its dancefloor to open this summer.

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Woomoon Opening Party

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