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Cova Santa Gastroclub & Mixology

Restaurant, San José, Ibiza. Relax and enjoy a luxurious culinary journey at Ibiza’s beating Bohemian heart.



Located in the heart of Ibiza, nestled between the green mountains of San José,
Cova Santa Gastroclub & Mixology offers nothing less than a culinary journey around the world. Its adventurous menu features dishes and ingredients that faithfully represent different cities, countries and regions across the planet.

The journey of discovery covers includes gastronomic hot spots such as Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Asia and many others.

Inside, the tables are set out on two levels, with an amazing panorama of green all around - a very privileged elevation where you truly feel at one with nature. VIP tables, including a lovely pagoda, give options for a stylish and luxurious dining experience.

A natural cave, over 25 metres deep, is situated beneath the restaurant and can also be visited. Incidentally, it serves as the ideal bodega to preserve Cova Santa's famed wine collection!

Talking of drinks, make sure you try out the ultra-refreshing aperitifs that Cova Santa's expert mixologist blends using his molecular know-how, thus turning cocktail making into a fine art.

And once your meal is finished, you can dance the night away with some of the island's best party events

Cova Santa is a place where nature, art, music and gastronomy come together to create a unique multi-sensorial experience. One thing is for sure, diners at this legendary Ibiza venue can expect magic to occur!

As well as the restaurant, Cova Santa is the venue for spectacular events, with a heady and eclectic mix of artists from around the world providing stunning live dance and performance shows.

An iconic venue that embraces the island's different civilizations and cultures and one that is embued with mysticism, spirituality and cosmic energy, Cova Santa offers discerning hedonists a brand new gastronomic experience that you will surely want to try for yourself. 

Resort: San José, Ibiza

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