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Cova Santa Gastroclub & Mixology

San José, Ibiza. A luxurious dining experience at Ibiza’s beating Bohemian heart.



In 2021 the stunning venue Cova Santa Gastroclub & Mixology is back, with top quality, avant-garde cuisine, a sensational cocktail menu to match and powerfully stimulating music events.

Tables are set out on two levels, with an amazing panorama of green all around - a very privileged elevation from which to feel at one with nature. VIP tables, including a lovely pagoda, give options for a stylish and luxurious dining experience.

The new menu reflects the philosophy of Cova Santa: to provide the finest gastronomic experience in one of the most magical venues on Ibiza. Expect the perfect execution of creative, Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic touches enhancing the flavours. 

A natural cave over 25 metres deep, after which the venue is named, is right beneath the restaurant and can also be visited. Formed by the waters falling down the San José mountains over thousands of years, it also serves as the ideal bodega to preserve the amazing Cova Santa wine collection!

As well as the restaurant, Cova Santa is the venue for spectacular events, with a heady and eclectic mix of artists from around the world providing stunning live dance and performance shows.

Enjoy refreshing aperitifs, blended at molecular level by expert mixologist Marc Álvarez, who elevates cocktail making to the level of fine art.

Cova Santa brings with it a brand new gastronomic experience that you will surely want to try for yourself.

Resort: San José, Ibiza

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