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Season preview | Red alert for ANTS Invasion

What to expect on Saturday daytimes at Ushuaïa.

Prepare for an invasion from hostile lifeforms, because ANTS is back for its most propane-fuelled summer yet. Yet again a season of incredible day parties await at renowned mega-club, Ushuaïa.

Commencing at Ushuaïa and moving onto Hï Ibiza after midnight for the first time, ANTS marked its return in dominant fashion last Saturday. By 20:00, the crowds inside stretched as far back as the end nearing Playa d'en Bossa beach, all the way to the fiery main stage.

Planes flew overhead as the sunset created illuminated orange skies, punctuated by the immaculate pyrotechnic display and the sound of the best Tech House DJs on the planet.

When the clock struck midnight, the colony swarmed from one venue to the next, jostling for the best spot on the dancefloor. Queues stretched all of the way down the town's strip. It was quite a sight to behold.

Although the opening party took place last weekend, the colony will be taking over again this Saturday 14 May - and then a further 20 instalments. Colossal.

Basically, its eighth summer is the party's biggest to date. Here's why you need to come.

Tech House Trojans

Exemplified by the impeccable line-up from the opening, we know to expect only the finest names in Tech House for the remainder of summer.

Down under DJ and guest headliner FISHER closed the day leg of the party with a set full of his original bangers, but it's the recurring faces that make ANTS the party it is.

Banking on more exhilarating sets, we can look forward to seeing more of ANTS favourites David Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann. Spoiling us last weekend with a special back-to-back, both titans have multiple dates set for later this summer.

Championed for his eleg-ANT-ly nourishing, deep performance in Hï Ibiza's Club Room, Joris Voorn has secured three more dates to come. He attracted chock-a-block crowds for the nighttime shift. 

In addition to these regulars, ANTS can also count on the skills of Andrea Oliva, Kölsch, Nic Fanciulli and a heady selection of other DJs making frequent appearances. More names to get excited about include CAMELPHAT, Hot Since 82, Enzo Siragusa, Maya Jane Coles and Groove Armada to name a few. Take your pick! The full line-up can be seen below.

Theme & stage design

From the beginning, one thing that has made ANTS stand-out as a party, is its futuristic concept. Going bigger than ever before, this year's production takes things to a whole new level.

The 2022 set takes inspiration from the creature-feature B-movies of the 1960s. Although Godzilla hasn't got anything on these bad boys…

Loitering above the main stage and ready to take possession of its dancefloor, a giant ants gnaws the structure with its pincers. On top of this, Ushuaïa is awash with avant-garde costumes, trippy visuals, mind-bending light shows, all playing out against the backdrop of the unmissable soundtrack we mentioned earlier.

The level of investment must match the astronomical creativity that has gone into making this a reality. It genuinely looks like something from the set of a Hollywood blockbuster.

An army of thousands

Since it launched in 2016, ANTS has always looked after the local workforce. Eight years later, that loyalty is rewarded. You can guarantee a strong workers turnout every Saturday - even at early doors.

This relationship is mutually beneficial. Workers can be your loudest, most vocal supporters. Get them on side and reap the rewards - free publicity and an army dressed head-to-toe in black and ANTS merchandise ready to go into battle. The optics alone look great.

The call to arms was in full effect at the opening, as it will be moving forward. The small stage at the rear of the venue has proved especially popular with early arrivals - a real ANTS extra. This was again the case, with the action flipping to the main stage at 19:30.

To mount a counterinsurgency against the invading giant ants from outer space, we're gonna need all the boots on the grounds we can muster. Sign-up is open - new recruits welcome.

With its opening party about as successful as it’s possible to be, ANTS is ready to take centre stage for a summer’s worth of Saturdays, as the busiest day party on the island.

Prepare yourself for all kinds of ANT-ics every week at Ushuaia. Head below to view weekly line-ups, buy tickets to join the colony and kick the invading alien scum into orbit. The colony marches on.

WORDS | by Lissy Lübeck & Stephen Hunt

ANTS listings - 2023


ANTS Opening Party | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

ANTS | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

ANTS | Daytime

ANTS continues over the road at neighbouring Hï Ibiza at 23.00 h - make sure you have the right ticket

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