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Ibiza Virgins' Guide to... Deep House

The sound of the island.

Ibiza is known for its dance music the world over, but that is an umbrella term for various different styles. Our series on the genres of music found on the island helps identify the parties, clubs and DJs best suited to your tastes.

After covering Tech House last time, we continue with prominent sub-genres. This week we go deep, we go deep, we go deep... Deep House.

Deeper than deep - get to know Deep House.

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Where will you find Deep House on Ibiza in 2023?

Black Coffee at Hï Ibiza | Saturdays
Bedouin present Saga at Pacha | Wednesdays
All Day I Dream at Cova Santa | Thursdays

Akasha in the north of the island, has a Deep House programme Friday and Saturday nights, as well as selected Sundays which in general are a bit more musically varied.

Pacha's jewel in the crown, Solomun +1, will feature plenty of Deep House (along with Prog and even a little helping of Techno). Saturday night host Claptone will also cover some Deep House, although he has moved into more commercial waters in recent years at The Masquerade.

You will also find that Deep House is the soundtrack of choice for many beach clubs. Effortless.

Last year, Woomoon and Storytellers (Cova Santa) and VOYAGE (Tuesdays, Es Paradis) both played Deep House.

Deep House

Compared to straight-up House music, Deep House is silky smooth.

Not only are basslines more muted, they tend to be more rolling - there's less "drops", making it a less aggressive form of dance music. Soft pads, spacious percussion and arguably more intricate musical structures sets Deep House apart from its parent genre.

Deep House is perfect for sunset and beach settings and peaceful contemplation, as much as it could be suitable for warm-up sets or even, if the mood feels right, peak-time. This distinction might lead some to see Deep House as a more organic sound to other styles of House music.

Typical bpm (beats per minute) range: 110 - 126

The original Deep House don is Larry Heard AKA Mr. Fingers. Lesser spotted on Ibiza, though we were graced with his presence in summer 2019.

The years 2012 and 2014 were a really fruitful period for Deep House, where it soared in popularity thanks to the likes of Hot Natured, Ben Pearce and the early works of Maceo Plex. Those of you who have read the introduction to Techno won't be surprised to learn that Deep House suffered a similar identity crisis as a result of this peak.

For a brief period, it did seem to become a catch-all term for anything with a House beat - and not necessarily to its benefit.

Want to go deeper?

Progressive House

Intrinsically linked to Deep House, especially the above playlist, Prog House emerged in parallel to Deep House.

Like the prefix to the forebears "Progressive Rock", "progressive" in this sense sees the parent genre re-conceptualised as forward-thinking. In the case of Progressive House, this meant faster beat, less vocals but more emotive in sound and a bit more high-brow, not unlike classical music.

Sasha and Digweed reunited in 2016 and continue to play together and solo on Ibiza

Progressive House was popularised by Sasha and John Digweed and enjoyed its heyday in the early 2000s. Early EDM modelled itself on Progressive House. Prog is also the bridge between House and Trance.

Typical bpm range: 120 - 129

Please refer to our Melodic Techno guide for an idea of where things are for Progressive House in the modern day.

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