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Ibiza clubbing 2021: Quo vadis?

A first preview on how this summer might pan out.

Usually at this time of the year, we'd be knee deep into updating our party calendar on a daily basis with more and more DJ line ups being announced for all the events. At the same time, we'd be hitting up the first club opening parties.

Sadly, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, none of that is happening right now.

Still though, it's May now, and we felt it's a good moment to have a first look into our crystal ball and see where this summer might take us...

A few days ago, Ibiza's nightlife association Ocio de Ibiza requested with the Balearic Government to get permission to run a pilot event in one of the venues in the second part of June, which would then enable the venues to open in July.

In Barcelona, two successful test events were held earlier this year - one party and one big concert - both done with PCR tests before and after the events. Both events resulted being totally safe.

Obviously by now, everyone has also seen the videos of the two parties in Liverpool last weekend.

So while the entire clubbing world is eagerly awaiting the results of those events, after over a year of not being able to operate, Ibiza's nightlife scene wants to do everything to get back to work in a safe manner.

While the clubs on the island are awaiting guidelines and rules from the local government, here's our current opinion on how this Ibiza summer might pan out.

What seems clear by now is that none of the big venues will be allowed to open before July at the earliest.

The Balearics are in a very good epidemiological situation currently (and have been for the past two months) and the vaccination campaign is well underway now too. We think it will most probably take us to the end of June, before a return to events is deemed safe by the authorities. 

So if you plan to come to Ibiza in the next two months, don't expect any big parties.

Places like Pikes, Lío, O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks Hotel will all soon be open. They were among the few venues that did hold small events last summer - socially distanced and without any dance floor action. This will certainly be possible in the next few months. Plus, of course, there are all the beach clubs where you'll get music too while you're soaking up the sun.

For the second part of the summer, anytime between July and August onwards, we are still optimistic we'll see a return of bigger events to the island.

Let me be clear, we think it's unlikely we'll see somewhere like Amnesia or Pacha filled to capacity this season.

While the pandemic is still ongoing and the vaccination process in Europe is ramping up during the coming months, there are likely to be restrictions put in place to make sure we can party safe in the second part of this summer.

The exact formats are the details the clubbing industry is awaiting instructions for from the local authorities. This might include having to produce a negative test prior to the event and/or outdoor clubbing only.

So while Ibiza 2021 won't be a normal season just yet, we are sure it'll be far better than last year and we have genuine hope that late summer might see some real clubbing action taking place. More info as we have it.

In the meantime, make sure you check our forums where we immediately update with any relevant news on the situation.

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