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Album of the month | Trance Wax by Trance Wax

The golden age of trance reborn on Anjunabeats.

Artist: Trance Wax
Title: Trance Wax
Label: Anjunabeats
Released: 6 November 2020

Sounds like: Bottled up collective euphoria

Trance Wax

Five or so years ago, a series of edits and mixes surfaced that really caught the imagination of the dance music community.

Combining trance nostalgia with contemporary techno credibility, Trance Wax tapped into a previously unmapped vessel. This hybrid appealed most to the generation of clubbers that fell between two eras.

A limited edition run of vinyl bootlegs traded hands on Discogs for exorbitant prices. A cult following was growing.

Belfast producer Garry McCartney, who had already experienced success in house music circles as Ejeca, had struck a winning formula.

Trance Wax - Trance Wax – Essential Mix 16.06.18

2018 saw official remix offers land at his door and a treasured invitation to join the Essential Mix archive.

By the following year, talk of original productions was gaining momentum, solidified by an appearance supporting trance icons Above & Beyond. A deal with their Anjunabeats record label was signed, leading us to November 2020 and the release of the self-titled debut album.

We've been fans of the project since the early days and already charted one of the singles, Manaya, in our release round-up back in July.

Trance Wax

For starters, it's worth emphasising that there really are a lot of ideas weaved through the 14 tracks.

Opener Buel Un Latha, Beachbreak and the breaksy Lifeline are in the mould of Chicane and Jakatta, pointing to appreciation at slower paced settings. At a time when we are still feeling the loss of chill out pioneer José Padilla, these tender moments are a welcome tonic.

Similarly, the sanguine El Nido dances with playful warmth.

Trance die-hards will be thrilled to learn of guest appearances from both Jan Johnston and Moya Brennan, whose vocals graced early hits of the genre. Their inclusion is a nice nod from the man behind the wheel.

For the speed freaks, the tracks Malu, Rivers and Throne push the tempo onto the holy 140bpm marker. These moments are reserved for the final third - a climax of high intensity.

The fact that McCartney never drifts into cheesy territory is applause worthy. We cannot recall the last trance record marketed as such, that made such an uplifting impression.

Highlights: Calling For You, Eve, Beachbreak

Trance Wax is out now and available to stream and purchase at all the usual places.

IMAGE | by Harvey Williams-Fairley

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