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Ibiza Spotlight Weekly News 2020 ep06

Still undecided about whether to take the plunge and come to Ibiza this summer? Katie Knight hit the streets of San Antonio to find out some opinions. Have a look at what she found out.

Should you come to Ibiza?

Yes! Definitely! Yes! Si! Totalmente. We want to live here! Oh yes, oh yes! Come to Ibiza!

Hi everyone, I'm Katie Knight and welcome back to Ibiza Spotlight News. We are halfway through the 2020 summer season, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to show you guys how things are shaping up so far on this side of the island.

So, today were going to be jumping around the coast, starting here at Hostal La Torre over to Kumharas, talking to different people along the way, to see how they're enjoying their holiday so far, and to see how businesses are adapting to the current situation.

Alan Anadon, Grupo Mambo

We're here at the beautiful Hostal la Torre, with one of the owners Alan.

Hello, how are you?

“I'm very good thank you, how are you?”

“I'm good. I mean it can't really get better than this, can it?”

“We still live in Paradise you know. This is. We're here on the west coast and it's beautiful. Every day is magic so I'm very happy.”

How has the season gone for you so far?

“The season so far. So, it's been short, because basically we started in July, and you know for places like here at Hostal la Torre, Cala Gracioneta and Casa Maca they are having a good season because we are very international crowd and these venues have been busy, very busy.”

Was it a good decision to reopen then?

“Definitely! We still think this island, what it has to offer, is the best place in the Mediterranean, possibly the best place in the world. You know, the beaches here, the good restaurants we have, the vibe, the atmosphere, the hiking, the scuba diving, the Es Vedrá...

Actually it's more special than ever, no? You go to the beaches you see the vibe there is, you go to a restaurant, little cafés, it's all very beautiful what's happening, you know. We are more civilized, we're not going crazy partying, but it's still nice to hang in the daytime having a nice jug of sangría, having a lovely meal on the beach, getting a boat. Getting a pedalo boat, if you can't afford a boat, and going from Cala Bassa, go a little bit out to the caves. What Ibiza has to offer is magic.”

Pablo, Salvador

What do you think about Ibiza 2020?

“Some people already know it, and some are just discovering it, but Ibiza has another side to it. It's not just nightlife, we also have so many activities to offer, here my colleagues have jet skis, we have sailing boats, speed boats, self-drive boats...”

Lee and Francesca, UK

How are you both enjoying your holiday so far?

“Really good. Really chilled. Enjoying it. It's actually nice that it's a bit quieter than usual, isn't it?”

“Yeah totally different, but we're going with it. So, happy days…”

“Just sun, good weather, away from England!”

What have you been doing?

“So, quite chilled really haven't we?”

“Massively chilled yeah.”

“Went to the Tapas Lounge and Bar. Best mojito in Ibiza, hands down.”

“Definitely! They really sorted us out last night. Well Happy”.

“A little bit worse for wear today”.

“Was this morning, it was a bit of struggle…”

“But really good. And beach days, pool days, just enjoying the sun as much as we can. You don't get that in England."

What do you think of Ibiza 2020?

“I actually prefer it”.

“Yeah, it's quiet but you can make your way through it. It's not too bad. You can enjoy the space and it isn't too mad”.

“Everything is open except for the clubs.”

“Yeah, I think that was the main worry before we came out, we were a bit unsure if everything was going to be closed but…”

“Bars, restaurants you don't really need to book, which is nice. Café Mambo is open which is definitely worth going to. That's where we're going on Saturday”.

“Can't wait for that”.

“Yeah, so, I prefer it. It's more chilled, laid back”.

Do you feel safe?



“The measures here are definitely better than in England, aren't they?”

“Definitely, yeah. The worry was that we've got to quarantine when we get back, but I think overall, when we came out, we were a little unsure how it was going to be but, yeah, more than happy to...”

“But I suppose the only difference is that you have to wear a mask everywhere. But, then when you're in a bar or restaurant, you don't have to. Sunbathing you don't have to. So, and everyone's doing it… I'd rather be able to come and have a holiday and wear a mask, than not have a holiday.”


“So yes, It's really safe, really clean.”

Are safety measures spoiling your fun?

“No way, no”.

“Because what's the difference? I'm in a bar now, you wouldn't know any different, would you? Apart from, when I get up, I have to put a mask on.”

“It's going to be different if you're clubbing. That's the only thing. But, if you're happy to come out, do restaurants, bars and have a good time that way”

Did you make the right decision to come to Ibiza this year?

“Oh yeah 100%!"

"Our flight was cancelled. We rebooked. That was it…”

Big news this week is the reopening of the Zoo Project, here at Benimussa Park. Rehearsals are taking place right now inside, so we're going to go and take a sneak peek and see how they're getting on for this Saturday.

As you can see, there's so much life here on the beaches, especially around sunset, just like here at the beautiful Alma Beach Club.

Our next stop is here at Kumharas, which is the perfect place to watch the sun go down, enjoy a delicious cocktail, and listen to some chilled-out music to accompany the moment.

Isobel and Alex, Spain

What do you think of Ibiza 2020?

“They've been really good. You can tell that there isn't as many people but the island is incredible.”

What have you been doing?

“Well, going out to eat, on a boat or to the beach”

Oliver and Camille, Belgium

What do you think of Ibiza 2020?

“I was here before. I worked here before on the islands. 10 years later I come back. It's still beautiful. The safety measures, for sure, everything is ok…”

“For me it was the first time, everything was splendid. Not much people. Everything is very nice and there is a great atmosphere and I feel safe also. Very good in Ibiza right now.”

What have you been doing?

“We went to several beaches. The secret spots and also the known spots. Everything went well. We didn't feel anxious and I went SUPing today.”

“There are beaches where it's packed, like Cala Comte, Cala Bassa, but there's still lovely beaches, like S'Estanyol, there's nobody. So, you have to find a bit your way, you have to go and see which beach is…”

“Many Restaurants. Ibiza is covered with beautiful and very nice restaurants and also that was very good to do. We enjoyed it!”

Do you feel safe?

“A lot better. I work in a hotel in Belgium, in Oostend on the coast as well, and here it's much more safer, I have to say.”

Did you make the right decision to come to Ibiza this year?

“YES!” “100% sure.” “We made the right decision.” “We want to live here!”

Hazel and Aya, Switzerland

What do you think of Ibiza 2020?

“Because actually the clubs were closed, we really had the opportunity to visit like all the north area and we went to cala Cala San Vicente. We went also to Portinax.”

Do you feel safe?

“You would want to have you feel yourself safe, the person you are dealing with feel safe and especially the people giving the services to you, they need to feel safe.”

Did you make the right decision to come to Ibiza this year?

“I was expecting that it will be actually empty but definitely not. It's still full. People are still here but we're just enjoying it in a different way. Instead of enjoying it, let's say in the night with big clubs and big partying all the time, you have time to relax and to go to the beach, but it's still the same. Ibiza is still the same.”

Jasmin, Tamsin, Emily, Georgina and Lauren, UK

What do you think of Ibiza 2020?

“Chill by the pool. Now we're here to watch the sunset. Yeah. We were all a bit up in the air about whether we were going to come. She dropped out, I dropped out.”

“I dropped out about 24 hours before we came. I was like ‘I'm not coming, I can't…' then I was like ‘no, I am coming!'”

“We all had our wobbles”

“Everyone dropped out at some point and now we've made it back”.

Did you make the right decision to come to Ibiza this year?

“I think it's the holiday we were all needing and looking for”. “Yeah!”

That's it from us this week. A big thank you for watching. Remember to follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel and I will see you next week. Bye!

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