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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (6) 29-7-2020

Wear a mask and carry on!

The Balearic Islands have hit the headlines again this week, due to the UK Government's rapid decision to impose travel restrictions to a part of the world that is virtually free of the Covid-19 disease. We are aware of outbreaks of the disease in concentrated areas on the mainland, but it has still not increased here on the islands and cases remain exceptionally low. There are still only 17 active cases here and on Formentera and they are being strictly monitored.

This decision has come at a time when many businesses are just starting to rebuild the fragile economy and has no doubt forced many of you, who have holidays to Ibiza coming up, to reconsider whether to fly south this summer. Obviously, this would have to be a personal choice and not without some risk. Nevertheless, we at Ibiza Spotlight believe that, with fewer people on the island and everyone being generally well-behaved and observing the necessary rules, this risk is still fairly low.

We are confident that, by following the correct guidelines, it is possible to come and enjoy everything that Ibiza has to offer. Every establishment here has strict protocols in place to protect you. Consequently, in many respects, this year has been one of the most relaxed and enjoyable for decades. Naturally, the clubbing nightlife has been curtailed, but the beaches are filling up and the restaurants are doing well to cope with demand. Most are booked up well in advance so don't forget to call ahead!

It is unfortunate to think that those worst hit by these new regulations will be the front-line workers who haven't had a proper holiday in months - they are the ones least likely to be able to afford to quarantine when they get back home. However, those of you who can travel and still manage to quarantine upon return, should really consider the value of coming - the island is beautiful right now and everyone we talk to, here on holiday, is loving it and feels very safe.

If you are travelling from the UK, your NHS health card is an essential companion – you will be covered for health care. We fully recommend that you check with your airlines and hotels that your bookings are still confirmed before flying and, for peace of mind, why not take a Covid test at home before you fly?

The UK government's decision not to make an exception for the Balearic Islands would actually stop Ibiza and Palma airports becoming rat runs for people trying to get back home from the mainland, so in that case it does make sense to protect our islands. But in our opinion, the FCO advice shouldn't necessarily put you off your holiday.

We really hope to see you here soon...

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