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Premiere: Packard on Pracht

Jan Blomqvist and Oliver Schories link up for their new single.

Our friend Jan Blomqvist is back with a new single. This time, he links up with fellow German producer Oliver Schories for Packard which is out now on Pracht.

Although Jan and Oliver have been friends for many years, it took a co-booking at fabric London for the first piece of the jigsaw to fall into place. While the idea of a collaboration was mooted, ultimately both artists were tied-up on new album projects, coupled with tight touring schedules.

Some months later, the suspension of events allowed the duo to revisit the idea. What started as the intention of being a remix soon took on a life of its own, resulting in the original composition you can experience below.

Given the limbo the world finds itself in at the moment, we think the lyrics are incredibly powerful and relevant. Not that we would expect any differently from the thought-provoking lyricist.

Likely to get stuck in your head, Oliver describes the track as the most beautiful he has ever worked on.

"What if the world would stand still
for one year?
Breathe in and hold on until
we find silence to hear."

Packard is out today.

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