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Ibiza 2019 in retrospect | Top parties from last summer

A handful of standouts from the Ibiza Spotlight archives.

With Ibiza, Europe and the rest of the world on lockdown, here at Ibiza Spotlight we are committed to reaching out to you and reminding you that better days are on the horizon whilst fondly reminiscing about the past.

Part of that process is looking back at Ibiza 2019.

Between all of the clubbing team, we managed to attend a mammoth number of events in 2019, resulting in the publication of dozens of reviews. They don't call us the clubbing experts for no reason.

Amongst them were too many special nights to mention them all, as the island enjoyed a stellar year. Picking out highlights was no easy task.

In a moment of reflection, we're opening up the archives and reliving some of those cherished memories from the dance floor - from grand openings to peak-season wonders before ending on a packed out closing season.

We're looking forward to the time when we can share the dance floor again, but until then here are some of the parties that rocked our world last summer.

Amnesia opening party | Saturday 9 May
by Hannah Starkie

Looking back, my favourite review was the first ever one that I wrote. Amnesia's Opening Party was the first official dance of the summer and also my first night on duty for Ibiza Spotlight. Anxious? Yes. Any idea what I was going to write? No. But I pulled through.

Like every perfectionist, I now cringe at every word (what writer doesn't?). But when it all boiled down to it, this was where I was meant to be, doing what I wanted to do. Afterwards, everything else just fell into place.

To say Amnesia opened with a bang would be an understatement. Sometimes it's hard to accept the night has come to an end. This was certainly one of those nights.”


B!Crazy | HEART Ibiza | Friday 21 June
by Jo Dargie

One that stays evergreen in my mind is B!Crazy at HEART Ibiza. With little knowledge of the party or venue, I didn't really know what to expect. Soon my curiosity was replaced. B!Crazy was a magical affair of sensual house and moody electronica.

The host Jean Claude Ades played a sublime set, sparkling with originality. However, it was witnessing the live set from HVOB that made this night so poignant. The duo created an atmosphere dripping with raw emotion.

One of the island's best-kept secrets, HEART Ibiza welcomes international renowned underground names to play its chic decks.”


Afterlife opening party | Hï Ibiza | Thursday 27 June
by Stefano Lariccia

One of the beautiful things about Ibiza is that you can find collective experiences that result in life-affirming moments. When the crowd, music and production combine, you can be transported from the dance floor to ethereal places.

Like previous summers, Afterlife's unearthly vision at Hï Ibiza was one such example. The Theatre hosted lighter, trippier sounds while the Club would reverberate with pounding techno. Each Thursday a portal was opened, shooting us into another dimension.

"Both literally and figuratively, Afterlife opened the doors of sub-consciousness for another summer-long odyssey at Hï Ibiza. We were yearning to lose touch with reality through the medium of music and ritual of dance."


Storytellers presents Dancing Into Dreamland opening party | Cova Santa |
Thursday 4 July
by Elle LoFaro

When it comes to fantasy worlds with dreamy soundtracks, Storytellers | Dancing Into Dreamland comes out right on top. For the opening party, the incredibly talented Jan Blomqvist was in to kick off the summer at the open-air oasis Cova Santa. It was an unmissable one for me.

Spinning sonic and visual tales the way only they can, Storytellers - also the creators of WooMooN - brought it on every level. With their immersive production, inspiring music and all-around magical atmosphere, the party goes down as one of the highlights of Ibiza 2019.

"Since my decision to up sticks and relocate to the White Isle for the summer, I've claimed almost every single party to be my favourite. Morning after morning the words 'best night ever' have rolled off my tongue and by the next party, my mind is changed again. I call it the Ibiza effect."


Clockwork Orange | Benimussa Park | Friday 20 July
by Michael Tomlinson

In July, the orange army descended on a sun-kissed Benimussa Park, where house anthems rang throughout the day. Clockwork Orange is more than just a yearly reunion. There was an unparalleled sense of inclusivity. No matter what your background, everyone was your beaming dance-floor neighbour - havin' it large like it was 1993.

The soundtrack to this annual pilgrimage was stuffed with endless classics and the occasional surprise spun for good measure. Leaving a lasting impression on my fellow clubland enthusiasts and me. There's one thing we were sure of: we'll definitely be attending Clockwork Orange in 2020.

During a particular weekend of the year, the average age on the dance floor spikes. A period when the ideals of a simpler era return for but a few days. It also happens to be one of our favourites. It can only be the Clockwork weekender.”


Disco Disco | Pikes | Tuesday 27 August
by Sasha Wharton

Due to a previous lack of interest in disco, this was an unlikely favourite. Disco Disco's final instalment of its mini-residency stands firm as my best night of the season. The energetic party combined with Pikes' hedonistic nature to steal my heart.

Skream was invited along to play in Freddie's for a disco filled fiesta, delivering upbeat classics from the '70s, '80s and '90s. Promoters and DJs guided party-goers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Please be back next season!

Disco isn't dead. I witnessed it first-hand. Alive and well, bouncing off the walls at Pikes Hotel last night, for the second instalment of Disco Disco.”


Cocoon closing party & afterhours | Amnesia and Benimussa Park |
Monday 30 September and Tuesday 1 October
by Stivi

After a very busy season, this is always the one where I let my hair down. I hadn't missed out on a Cocoon closing party in a decade or more and I certainly wasn't gonna make an exception for the final party of Cocoon's 20 year anniversary season.

I wasn't alone with that intention and 2019's closing turned into the busiest party Cocoon had seen here on the island for a while. The atmosphere was fantastic on Amnesia's Terrace during the night with Papa Sven and the undisputable girl of the moment Peggy Gou.

And as usual for the last party of Cocoon's season, it was the afters at Benimussa Park that put the icing on the cake - sunshine, tons of friends and everyone in a great mood.

In the middle of Sven's set, he dug out this fantastic tune from 2003, Togetha by PHONOGENIC, which was a standout moment for me.

It was also nice to see a friend of mine, Cesar Vinzent, warming up Benimussa Park's Rabbit Hole before Sven Väth took over for his third set within 24hrs.

What a way to finish off 20 years on the island. Cocoon's 2020 plans have not been announced yet, but they've made it clear they have no intentions to stop throwing parties on Ibiza. I do have a feeling, though, that everyone who made it to Amnesia that night was in for something special and might have caught the end of an era. But not the end of Cocoon Ibiza!


Solomun +1 closing party & afterhours | Pacha and Benimussa Park |
Sunday 13 and Monday 14 October
by Stephen Hunt

Closing parties are always a special time of year - the last hurrah. The island is preparing to blow a sigh of relief following a frantic season. Everybody - from promoters to DJs, workers to holidaymakers - ups their game before we say farewell for another seven months.

Saving the best till last, Solomun's last date at Pacha did not disappoint. An occasion made all the sweeter by the free public afters at Benimussa Park - and the fact we could roll straight through without pause, a crowning moment to Solomun's seventh season.

Going for the royal flush, we hopped along to Pacha for the final party of summer 2019. Rolling out the red carpet and firing-up the marching band, Solomun +1 closing was a regal affair that went late into Monday.”


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