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All hail King Solomun

King of Pacha. King of the after party. King of Ibiza.

Like we hadn't partied enough this past ten days, going for the royal flush we hopped along to Pacha for its final party of summer 2019.

Solomun +1 featuring keinemusik's Adam Port, &ME and Rampa would be a regal affair that went late into Monday and continued at Benimussa Park.

Rolling out the red carpet and firing-up the marching band, industry dignitries and clubland citizens alike would assemble for the occasion.

Solomun +1 has been amongst the most popular nights on the island for the last few years. Even so, many expected the party to lose a little favour in 2019. Not so much because of any wrongdoing, but many pointed to the increased in-house competition as a likely factor.

Marco Carola and Dixon's arrival, plus the weekly programme that would see them all play within four nights of each other, spelt the end of the reign for lots.

Did his crown slip? Not even slightly. Solomun asserted his rule with a packed out venue each and every Sunday. Although there were legitimate claims to the monarchy coming from within the Pacha house, it seemed like Solly thrived under the increased pressure.

Keen not to miss any of the action, we headed to Pacha early for the closing party, eager to experience the swansong of another majestic season.

Big tracks from keinemusik

Whether you partied at DC-10 or the underground parties at Amnesia, Pacha or Hï, you will have danced to the productions of keinemusik. The prolific outfit keep churning out the anthems, and 2019 might have been their most impressive year yet on the release front.

Rare to catch them all together on Ibiza soil, as individuals and duos they've put the hours in on the island over the summer. But Solomun pulled the coup of the season, by snaring the full trio for his closing. There was no way we'd miss the opportunity to see them.

Early arrival was paramount.

Bedding in for what was sure to be lengthy session, we meandered around Pacha's intricate innards. With occasional visits to the rooftop terrace and rear garden space, we always ended up back at the same point on the dance floor, by the speakers.

Right before handing over control to our host, keinemusik finished their first set on a whopper of a track, setting up the big man perfectly. If the numbers in the club had felt modest up to now, suddenly, a sudden surge of people onto the dance floor proved otherwise.

Dancing by divine intervention

With the promise of extended play announced prior to opening, it was clear many arrived strategically late to ensure they would still be standing at the end. Solomun, ready and waiting, would now take over controls.

The best clubs should feel like the centre of the universe, and in the there and then, that's exactly how Pacha felt. All of time and space spiralling outward from the DJ booth as we danced in the glow of enlightenment.

Looking to his own Diynamic stable, Solomun plucked this forthcoming remix from Musumeci as ideal track to inject

At this point, daylight was surely breaking outside. Not that we knew. Inside the dance floor was still kickin'. Although the peripherals had quietened down, in the thick of the action it still felt like peak time. The crowd drawing on the energy from the music.

In the booth, keinemusik rejoined Solomun for a back-to-back-to-back-to-back to see us right through until lights-up. Somehow the music would be taken to even further heights, with each of the four components bouncing off one another.

Although scheduled to finish at 09:00, eventually the party would run for a further two hours. The penultimate track would be a pimple-inducing Solomun classic.

An after party by royal appointment

The crowd wanted to keep going, as did Solomun. Breaking into the daylight, we only had a two-hour turnaround before the antics continued at Benimussa Park. Enough time to return to base camp, shower and change. In no time at all, we would be knocking on Benimussa's front door.

Magdalena, Solomun's little sister, was be the perfect warm-up. Returning the favour of Solomun playing her own Shadows party twice earlier this summer, Maggie had the Last Dance in full swing.

Upon arrival, Solomun greeted us with a warm embrace before making his way through the crowd to the Tree House stage and resuming the b2b2b2b with all three members of keinemusik. Nobody does an after party like Solomun.

Daylight was fading, but energy levels showed no signs of flagging. With this being the final big party of the season, nobody wanted to call it quits. As the Tree House shut, we weren't ready to head home quite yet. Such a reaction would be considered an abdication.

Bunkering down in the venue's intimate rabbit hole, the party would continue right through the night. The King of the after party excelling in such an environment.

Now was the time when we would be treated to some cherished favourites. After waiting all night and day, we finally got to hear &ME's remix of Guy Gerber's What To Do and Maceo Plex's When The Lights Are Out.

The good news is that Solomun is back on Sundays at Pacha next year. Confirmed. Strike while the iron is hot.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Tomlinson

His closing party and the Last Dance carry-on were an act of defiance. Throwing down the marker to all challengers, it was the exclamation point that not only rounded off an emphatic summer but sent a message to all would-be successors.

This is my show and I'm lord of the dance.”

Long live the King.

For an insight into the man behind the residency, watch our interview with Mladen here.

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