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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Octan Ibiza - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Octan Ibiza will not open in summer 2023.

*** TEMPORARILY CLOSED - Octan Ibiza will not open in summer 2023 ***

Ibiza's nightlife is known to bedazzle, sparkle and awe. A combination of intricate set-pieces, mind-blowing production, stadium-sized crowds and the biggest names in the industry set it apart from other party destinations. Nowhere puts on a show like Ibiza.

Thousands flock to the island because of this alluring spectacle. Sometimes, though, we like to mix things up a bit. Here's where Octan Ibiza steps in.

Octan does things a little differently, stripping back the extravagance and adopting a "back to basics" mentality.

For an island that proudly considers itself to be the global capital of dance music, Octan is the missing link. Few people would have predicted that Ibiza needed warehouse-style clubbing a decade ago, but it's been exactly the contrast the scene here was calling out for.

Octan's rugged interior is one of its most talked about characteristics. Maybe it's the tube lighting that zigzags the ceiling of the Basement or those iconic red VOID speakers that blast the dancefloor, but in many ways Octan is the antithesis of the glitz, glamour and mass-market found elsewhere.

Throughout the building you will come across mural walls decorated by graffiti artist Nicolas Dixon, exposed pipework, raised dance podiums and popping toilet raves. And when it all gets too much, you can slouch out in the upstairs cave and watch a movie. We're serious!

All these features help create a vibe. However, the most important ingredients are the well-programmed line-ups and the knowledgeable crowds they attract.


Number of rooms: Two dancefloors. The Basement with its low ceiling and the box-like Lab - both equally suited to being the "main room" though outside of peak summer, usually only one or the other will be open. Then there's the roof terrace, a cinema room and the infamous toilet block
Capacity: 1,500
Famous for: Going against the grain and sticking to its principles
Vibe: Sweat dripping off the walls
Go if: You're all about the music and everything else is a distraction
Trivia: The building was previously part of the Sankeys chain 2011-2018. Although the name and ownership has changed, little else has. Read our catch-up with the owner


Octan is a bit hidden away from the main thoroughfare, so it's unlikely you'll chance upon it unless you go looking for it. This is a good thing. It means everybody inside is likely to be there for the right reasons, not just casual passers-by.

Walking from the direction of Jet Apartments, you'll head northerly on Playa d'en Bossa's main strip, until you take a left at the end of the road, passing Migjorn Spa & Suites.

Once you reach the mini roundabout with the rock sculpture, cross to the other side of the road, then turn right on the main strip named Carrer de la Murtra. Approximately 250 metres up, you will come to Carrer de les Alzines on your left hand side. This is the road Octan is on, 150 metres along after a row of bars and convenience stores. Carrer de les Alzines is a hive of activity on club nights and a great place to visit pre-club for a strong cocktail.

Alternatively, you can cut through the hippie market on Carrer Bruc, which brings you further up on Carrer de la Murtra, close to Hotel Garbi and SWAG nightclub. From here, cross over the road and walk a little further up to Carrer de les Alzines.

Those staying in San Antonio can catch the disco bus to Playa d'en Bossa; the bus stop is positioned at the opposite end of the resort, making it a 10 to 15 minute walk to Octan. Or get a taxi.


Unlike the other clubs, one thing that you can say about Octan is that the music policy is strictly underground. There's no nights that even entertain being commercial. That's because Octan knows what it does best and plays to its strengths.

Previously, it was exclusively the preserve of House and Techno, although for 2022 things have been mixed-up. Octan has introduced Drum & Bass, a LGBTQ+ night and even devotes its Saturday night to the increasing popular Latin/Hip-Hop scene.

For us, though Octan is at its optimum on Sundays for ENCORE where lovers of Tech House should consider themselves the target audience. The likes of Darius Syrossian, Enzo Siragusa, Traumer and Lauren Lo Sung are the kind of names you frequently find playing.

Admission prices range from €25 to €45 across the board. The opening and closing parties can be that bit more expensive, whereas the weekly sessions are amongst the best value ticket prices on the island.

For the finer details, find our party guide here.


Spirit and mixers cost €15, bottled beer €10, shots €5 and 330ml water is €5 making Octan comparatively more affordable than its rivals. The venue does have a modest VIP balcony, which overlooks The Lab and is pretty discreet. By and large, the focus is the dancefloor - and that should be yours as well.

Head up to the open-air roof terrace to grab some fresh air and soak up the atmosphere. It's a great place to head for a little respite. There's always bodies strewn on the floor and any number of interesting characters to spark up a conversation with.

Occasionally, Octan has even been known to have barbecues up here. Otherwise, you should make sure you're well fed prior to arrival.


Dress code? At Octan? No way. While you won't find many (any?) people arriving in fancy dress, equally you won't find many dressed to the nines either. High heels, cocktail dresses and chinos are out, vest tops, ripped jeans and tattoos on display most certainly in. Here is your chance to be creative and make a personal statement. Don't forget your bandana! War paint optional.


These are displayed around the sides of the venue on the night. Although if you want our advice, don't worry too much about who's playing, just get stuck in.


All of Octan's bars accept card payment. There isn't an ATM inside the club, but ATMs can be found on either side of the main strip every hundred meters.

Octan doesn't have a cloakroom either, so come equipped with only the bare essentials: that's you, your dancing shoes and positive energy.


Typically Octan, being a smaller venue with underground music policy, opens earlier and shuts later in the calendar than the other clubs. Although, even that is a bit misleading, as the club tends to open most weekends through to December.

For the official opening and closing parties, you can expect Octan to invite back the components who have made it a success during the season in between, making for one big Octan family reunion. If it isn't broke, there's no point fixing it. Let's hope for similar this year.

This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins' Guides, packed full of information on how to get the most out of your stay on Ibiza. Check them out.

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