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Clubbing intern, Sasha, shares her favourite techno tunes of the summer

When asking fellow islanders what brought them to Ibiza, I find that no two answers are ever the same.

For some it was the sun that prompted them to book a one-way ticket; for others the uproot was purely down to a change in career or relationship. For me the answer is simple. The answer is techno.

Techno is the universal language by which anyone can relate to. It is the incomparable genre that connects masses of people and cultures that would otherwise seem worlds apart.

For in all my techno raving experiences (and believe me there have been many) I can hand-on-heart say that I have never witnessed in-rave disputes. Only dancing, unbeatable vibes and adoration for the beat. Need I say more?

As a clubbing intern, I have spent my summer absorbing more techno than I ever imagined was possible. I just had to make it the focus of my end of season playlist.

Within the playlist there are a few givens. Timeless techno anthems that do the rounds year after year - mainly due to their immortality on the dance floor - are amongst the selections.

Sam Paganini's 2014 Drumcode release, Rave is a prime example of this. Having stormed to Beatport's top 10 and maintaining it's position there for six months after its release, the track is an undeniable underground smash hit. I heard it at RESISTANCE and Pyramid this summer.

For a something with an acidic twist, be sure to give Vortex by Rex The Dog a good blasting. The track caught my ear when Jamie Jones played it at Afterlife.

Belonging to Kompakt Records, this 2019 release raised the bar for all upcoming techno tracks this season and left me with an urge to see Rex the Dog live. He usually performs live with a self-built modular synthesiser - pretty impressive, if you get the rare opportunity.

Another notable track from this summer was Adam Beyer's Space Date, returning to the dance floors of the terraces re-edited format. Pleasurecraft's take has been a staple in many tech DJ's record bag this season. It's cropped up at DC-10 and at the IMS party at Dalt Vila.

Should you seek some techno therapy, go ahead and listen to the dark and intense tunage contained here. Personally, I think it sums up a summer of techno, techno and more techno nicely.

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