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Gallery: Sa Punta - where food is art

Live art and creative cuisine in Talamanca bay.

One of the most eagerly anticipated treats of the year is our annual pilgrimage to a legitimate pioneer of the Ibizan gastronomic scene, Sa Punta Restaurant in Talamanca. No summer would be complete without a chance to peruse the subtle evolutions owner Rodolphe Sachs and Executive Chef Diego Dechecco have made to this eternally popular fine-dining institution.

From the moment you step across the threshold at Sa Punta you are always welcomed by the smiles of the beautiful and hospitable waiting staff. Nothing ever seems too much trouble and every member of the team makes an extra effort to greet the guests and attend to their every need.

For 2019 the venue has received a very gentle and surprisingly refreshing makeover. Gone is the floor-to-ceiling whiteness, replaced in places by the warmer tones of tropical hardwoods and cane. With a little support from talented local artists, imaginative touches of colour can be seen adorning the walls. Most striking of all is an amazing, multi-dimensional triptych by Ibizan artist Marta Torres - the depth of colour and use of texture are synonymous with the creativity in the kitchen.

Now, the restaurant flows seamlessly, merging with Asian-inspired Ginger restaurant and the vibrantly colourful artifacts on sale in Lebanese restaurant Patchwork's design shop and rooftop bar. Both sister restaurants are on the same site and provide possibly the most diverse excellence in cuisine within one space on the island.

On this evening, we were invited along to witness a live art demonstration from local artist Tai Iglesias, decorating one of the magnificent fibreglass elephant sculptures on sale in the shop. By the time we finished our meal, the delightfully finished creation would have melted even the hardest heart.

The joy of eating at Sa Punta is the sheer variety of cuisine to sample and explore. Like a modern day Marco Polo, the adventurous diner can draw upon culinary elements from all three of the restaurant's regions of influence: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian. As usual we let the chef do the choosing and took on the mantle of the degustation menu, made up of many of the new dishes introduced this year.

True to Sa Punta tradition, every dish was lovingly crafted and presented with flair. So sit back and relax, as your eyes feast upon our gallery of goodness, with a little commentary to whet your appetite of course.

Fresh burratina from Puglia with pink graprefruit, salmon roe and grilled leeks.

Absolutely top class burratina with a virtually liquid interior.

Red tuna ceviche with green tomato and Jalapeños

Crispy Malasian beef rendang gyozas

Wagyu Tataki with black truffle and creamy leeks

Summer black truffle risotto

Mmm, more truffle please.

Pluma Ibérica pumpkin, fennel and balsamic vinegar

Pluma is an unbelievably rich and succulent cut of pork from the back, just behind the neck, of free-range, acorn-fed, black-footed Iberian pigs.

Alaskan black cod, mirin, saké and miso

Torrijas made from brioche

Traditional Spanish bread pudding but made with brioche for a softer texture and accompanied by smooth almond ice cream

Baked apricots served with almonds, pistachio pralines and vanila ice cream from Tahiti.

An incredibly fruity explosion of flavour.

Let's be honest, you're tempted now aren't you? Allow that feeling to get the better of you and treat yourself and your loved ones to a truly memorable dining experience. Reserve a table at Sa Punta tonight. You will be enchanted.

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