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Gallery: Candypants' spectacular return to O Beach

A visual insight into Candypants’ final Ibiza appearance of 2019.

Ibiza and Candypants go together incredibly well. One is the world's clear-cut party capital, the other is leading a lifestyle brand. Throw O Beach into the mix, and you have a recipe for fun-filled extravagance.

Proving to be masters of the game, Candypants can be found continuously selling out unlimited brunches, pool parties, boat parties and club nights around the world. In recent years, it has even branched out into the world of fashion with a swimwear line.

Boasting an impressive 11 years in the industry, the trailblazing lifestyle concept is renowned the world over for pushing boundaries and providing partygoers with deluxe memories.

Having also thrown two weekly events at Ibiza's prestigious dining spot STK, Candypants has well and truly spoilt us this summer - and it didn't stop there.

The UK-turned-international party experience treated us to not just one, but three takes on its own idea of what a pool party at O Beach should be. Here's how the last of the two went down.

The perfect day for a pool party

Somebody say "sax"?

Happy 50th birthday Gaz

Pink to make the boys wink

Bottoms up

A blast of CO2 quick cools down the dance floor

It's show time

O Beach residents work the crowd

Glow sticks at the ready

There we have it. A little round-up of the spectacular Candypants take over of O Beach from 8 September. We look forward to the seasoned partyers returning to Ibiza in 2020.

Though it's goodbye to Candypants for now, O Beach still has a number of Sunday hosts on rotation, lined-up ahead of closings.

You can find more information on these parties by heading to our party calendar.

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