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Unravelling the legend of Amnesia's Pyramid

A party of the year contender for Diynamic’s takeover.

Being seasoned clubbers, we consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the island. But pleasant surprises are very much welcomed - and one such surprise would reveal itself on Monday night.

It was poetic that this latest surprise would unravel at the party known as Pyramid.

Pyramid's moving geometric lighting rig - a marvel of club production

Egypt's great pyramid of Giza is a certified wonder of the world - a marvel of human engineering and architectural majesty, matched by its myth and legend. What little we do know of it, the only certainty is that there is considerably more unknown waiting to be discovered.

That's exactly how we feel about Ibiza too. For all our combined years of experience, the joy - the impetus - is in new experiences. Monday night at Amnesia would turn out to be an experience we'll never forget.

Diynamic boss Solomun playing the legendary terrace along with Joseph Capriati's first appearance at the club since 2015 - it was always going to be one for the history books.

In the presence of pharaohs

The Balkan Stalwart - Solomun at the helm

Much is made of the bucket-list scenario of dancing on Amnesia's terrace as the sun is rising.

After last night, maybe we should give equal status to dancing on it as electrical storms rage overhead? That kinetic energy found its way into the crowd and performers, in a night at Amnesia we'll remember forever.

After queuing in the rain, like most, we headed immediately for the terrace upon entering. Let's not pretend otherwise: Solomun was the crowd-puller. Opting to open the night had the desired effect, as the crowds arrived in their droves to catch him early doors.

Whilst a spectacular lightning display entertained us as we queued patiently, it was the booming beats inside that were the real attraction. Solomun took a gradual approach at the start; the opening set saw him warm up the crowd with electro groovers rather than thudding beats.

Having already caught Solomun play this legendary dance floor earlier this summer for Cocoon, we took a divert to the club room to check how that was panning out. That was the true start to the adventure.

Renato Ratier playing foreboding records

Renato Ratier - himself somewhat of an odd-man-out on the bill - would be the first surprise package.

Sometimes moving towards left field but always within dark and menacing territory, he played just about as daringly experimental as it's possible to pull off in a 5,000 capacity superclub.

Track after track, Renato Ratier made his selections felt. More big moments would manifest in Tim Englehardt's Phaeton and Hunter/Game's Changing Weather.

Siamese sphinx

Joseph Capriati all smiles on his return to Amnesia

Over on the terrace, Joseph Capriati and his legion of devout followers were enjoying his long-overdue return to the venue. Laurent Garnier's latest studio weapon hitting the right notes.

The Italian's set would be littered with references from the rave archives. However, the pull of the club room would prove too strong to ignore. Before we knew it, we were dragged back to continue our adventures there.

Adriatique - or one of the Adrians, as it would turn out - was now in control. What would proceed, would be the Swiss DJ delivering a set that would live long in the memory.

Working through their own productions and other progressive cuts, the Siamese records boss had the whole room moving as one.

It wasn't only the music, but all elements combining to mould one amazing dance floor experience. Crowd, atmosphere, sound - it all came together.

Only a day ago, we published our highlights from the dance floor so far this season. Make no mistake, had it been published a day later Pyramid presents Diynamic would have been included.

An online search will reveal ten-a-penny reviews about how Solomun or Capriati reigned supreme at any number of events. That makes it all the more refreshing to report that they played second fiddle to an outrageously good Adriatique on this night.

Solomun b2b Joseph Capriati

With the club room shutting at 06:00, but the venue remaining open a further hour, we returned to the terrace for a final dance. Of course, by this point and with the packed room rocking, both headliners had found their stride playing back-to-back to close the night.

Tracks such as Brame & Hamo's Dial Up had provided yet more life-affirming moments. Though it was a high-octane finale, we reserve the plaudits for another act.

We came for Solomun and Joseph Capriati, we stayed for Renato Ratier and Adriatique.

Unearthing artefacts

Pyramid's seventh event of the summer was the perfect microcosm for Ibiza's party scene in general. Maybe it is the attraction of superstar DJs such as Solomun, Capriati (Marco Carola, David Guetta or Calvin Harris) that keeps clubbers returning year after year?

Although a magnetic cult exists around these idols, that doesn't mean that you're next favourite DJ isn't waiting in the wings to be discovered.

Casting our minds back to 2018, we felt the very same after the Diynamic takeover at Amnesia on that occasion. Solomun was again the draw, but HOSH and Undercatt stole the show. Proof that Diynamic has quality throughout its ranks.

Adrian Shala of Adriatique applauds the crowd, as we applaud him

Ibiza has always been a place of discovery - on the dance floor and far beyond. Nothing has changed in that respect.

If anybody starts telling you that Ibiza's crown is slipping or that it “isn't as good as it used to be,'' point to last night and tell them that they are wrong.

Tell them to come to me and my 4,999 co-witnesses to hear our testimony about how the Diynamic showcase was one of the parties of the year.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Tomlinson

Pyramid now moves towards its final two parties of the season in freefall momentum. The line-ups and brand partners show no signs of slowing down either.

Ricardo Villalobos is back on the terrace for both of those dates, 9 September in association with Modernity and 23 September with Sunwaves. On the first, he is again joined by the Romanian contingent, while Nina Kraviz is set to play an exclusive house set at the closing.

Other acts and promotions involved, include Paco Osuna, Paul Ritch, Mar-T, Cuartero, Luca Donzelli and the Keep On Dancing crew. Pyramid is bowing out of its sophomore season on a high.

Tickets and full line-up breakdowns for the last two shows can be found below.

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