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Ibiza Spotlight's highlights of the summer

Our top clubbing moments from the 2019 season so far.

If there is one thing that a summer on Ibiza can guarantee, it is that cherished memories will be made - particularly on the island's dance floors. Between all of the crazy parties, new friends and stunning sunsets, this year has not disappointed - and there's still more to come.

Here at Ibiza Spotlight, we like to keep our writers on their toes. Setting them the challenge of choosing just one highlight of the season, it's fair to say that it took a lot of pondering. Here are the clubbing team's top moments of summer 2019.

Taking it old school

Jo Dargie | Clubbing Intern

From the moment the plane touches down on the white isle, life-long memories begin to form. You know you are in for a summer beyond your wildest dreams.

Even as I write this now, my mind keeps changing as to what moment tops it all. Having danced in the presence of top international names and local DJs fresh on the island hoping to make their break, there is one night that I keep coming back to.

Cocoon at Amnesia with Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin.

Everything about this night was perfect: the electric atmosphere, the old-school track selection and the juxtaposition of Vath and Hawtin's styles, which completely complimented each other. And of course, all topped off with great company.

You can still hear me spinning International Anything's track Like This Girl, dropped by Papa Sven.

Now almost a month after the event and I am still being threatened by my mates with ‘if I hear you say those two names one more time…', but what can I say? Väth and Hawtin blew me away.

Rising out of the ashes

Michael Tomlinson | Staff Photographer

Over the course of the off-season, there was one question that was on everyone's mind: what would be the fate of Sankeys Ibiza in 2019? The club's future was looking uncertain by the time the first openings started, as no parties or residencies at the venue had been announced.

By June, however, a glimmer of hope emerged. The building's new owners stepped forward announcing the infamous site would be under new management.

Rebranded as Octan Ibiza, the underground club would reopen with a party that for myself was the highlight of the season.

Without a doubt all of the DJing troupes were on fire that evening. Warriors, Spectre, Capadi Rebels and Concept 101 all brought banging tunes to the table. Seeing the basement room packed out again was a great sight to see.

Yet it was the energy of the crowd that night that caught my attention.

Every build up and subsequent drop was met with explosive reactions from the Octan attendees. Quite simply, the perfect working environment for this clubbing photographer.


Hannah Starkie | Clubbing Intern

After living here for four months now, it's pretty much impossible to narrow my season down into one highlight. But if you were to pin me down and threaten my life, there's one night that would spring to mind first: the International Music Summit Grand Finale at Dalt Vila.

It was a miserable Friday in May. The sun was nowhere to be seen. And it had rained for much of the day. Going to a rave wearing multiple layers wasn't something I thought I'd be doing - I wasn't in Manchester anymore!

Evidently, I wasn't prepared for the evening to blow my mind quite as much as it did. But set atop of Ibiza Town, Dalt Vila offered no better view of the island come rain or shine.

In front of this stunning backdrop, some of the world's most talented DJs went back-to-back for a unique celebration of electronic music. Techno's power couple Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg treated us to one of their incredible back-to-back sets and I was sold.

The experienced Drumcode pair stormed through a high impact set, with more power than anything else I've seen this summer. Goosebumps prickled my skin with every drop and the awe-inspiring visuals only added to the special occasion.

Despite resembling a drowned rat, I'd entirely forgetten about the weather. I relished this one-off experience until the bitter end of Charlotte de Witte's mighty closing set.

The party never stops on Ibiza, even when the conditions resemble that of a British festival. And that's just one thing I love about this crazy island.

Cutting shapes at Cuttin' Headz

Sasha Wharton | Clubbing Intern

I won't lie when I say that narrowing down the summer of a lifetime into just one unforgettable moment is perhaps the hardest challenge I've met all season. How does anyone choose between all the laughs, dances and experiences that come during a week in Ibiza, let alone four months?

When digging deep into my countless memories, numerous moments spring to mind - each of them worthy of taking the top spot. However, for the sake of this article, I must admit one party left a mark on me like no other.

At none other than Ibiza's underground diamond DC10, the Martinez Brothers brought their A-game with their own label takeover, Cuttin Headz. It went off. On the terrace, the Bros provided us with eight-hours of heavy bass-full bliss, while FUSE London dominated the club room.

My night - and possibly entire season - was made when TMB dropped their remix of YSL.

Watching on from the DJ booth, I got to see the adoring ravers reaction to one of my favourite tunes whilst sharing a shot with some friendly, dancing strangers. Ah, the wonders of the White Isle.

Flexing muscles with Bicep

Stephen Hunt | Staff Writer

Since their self-titled debut album cemented their status as true champions of the underground, Bicep have been amongst the hottest property in the scene. Ibiza appearances are limited - and rightfully so: quality over quantity.

An Ibiza exclusive club show for Cocoon would be this year's jaunt - and, boy, did it live up to expectation. Classic piano house, breakbeat, prog, thumping techno - even a splash of garage. Best of all were those euphoric trance-like breakdowns that had us reaching for the lasers.

On that night, Bicep attracted a new generation of clubbers to Cocoon - an induction I'm sure the fresh-faced crowd will remember forever. It's a booking that paid off. And ending on Opal - what a moment. Though don't take my word for it. Watch the video above.

There we have it, the Ibiza Spotlight club team's season highlights so far. With all of the exciting closing parties just on the horizon we are sure that the list of memories is only going to grow.

Check out our party calendar to keep updated with all of the unforgettable nights on Ibiza still to come.

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