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Clubbing on Ibiza on a budget

Tips to party and save.

Ibiza offers a party scene like no other - it's part of what makes the island so famous. With endless choices, it can get pricey. However, you have quite a few options to make the most of it and not break the bank.

We have gathered some of our top tips on how to make the most of Ibiza's buzzing clubbing scene for less than you might imagine. It's not about getting rich; it's about getting smart.

Here is what we recommend to make the most of Ibiza's vibrant nightlife for less than you might think.

check out the Free Parties

Yes, you are seeing the word free in the same sentence as Ibiza - stranger things have happened. Some amazing venues offer free parties around the island. It's just a case of knowing about them.

Around San Antonio's sunset strip you can stumble across some thriving bars which come alive at night with music. Places like Café Del Mar and Café Mambo - amongst the most famous venues on the island - offer the perfect free pre-party spots to get you in the mood for the night.

Café Mambo offers live DJ sets every night all for free. The likes of Fatboy Slim, Roger Sanchez and FISHER grace the decks every evening during summer, so this is certainly something you don't want to miss.

Experience the ultimate villa party at Pikes

If you are looking for something a little more off-beat then check out the illustrious Pikes.

Made famous by pop culture icons of the '80s, the venue retains its prestige in the modern day. You can expect to see some industry heavyweights behind the decks. Whilst most parties are free, some do ask for a donation to a chosen charity on the door.

DJ Harvey, Nightmares On Wax, The Blessed Madonna, even Bicep - they're all known to play here, some more frequently than others. Best to check local listings AKA the Pikes' website.

get on board Boat Party Packages

A day out at sea knocking back the cocktails and raving to some top DJs on the island is a staple for most holidays on Ibiza. With a bit of research, you can find some amazing deals that not only include the boat party but include entry to multiple big parties at Ibiza's famous super-clubs.

Pukka Up is a boat party veteran having been toiling the high-seas around Ibiza for over 20 years. All of its tickets include entry to O Beach the following day. If you're prepared to splash out a bit more, you can also bag yourself entry to Eden for next to nothing. No brainer.

Float Your Boat also has some great ticket deals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays so no matter what days you are here you can get on board the party.

The icing on the cake is that certain packages also include travel to the clubs after the boat party which is always a bonus. So what are you waiting for? Check out what boat parties are on offer and what bargains you can snap up.

Buy Early Bird Tickets

If you know that you will be spending your summer holiday on Ibiza then start looking into what events you fancy going to in the months beforehand.

January to April is prime time to get a hold of early bird tickets at a discounted rate. Not only will the ticket cost work out cheaper, but buying in advance allows for more time to budget these costs, so when you do arrive you can save your euros for the sangria. Yum.

Keep updated with announcements and upcoming events in the season ahead with our clubbing magazine to secure your space early. You can trust that any tickets purchased with Ibiza Spotlight guarantee you entry to the events.

get Early Entry Tickets

Not to be confused with early bird tickets, early-entry tickets grant you access at a discounted rate if you arrive before a certain time. Getting your hands on an early entry ticket can help to save a few euros.

If anything it adds more value to the experience, as you get longer to rave and discover new DJs. It's a win-win. Every party at Ibiza Rocks comes with this option and there are significant savings to be made.

Some tickets, like those of Pacha and O Beach, stipulate you need to be inside the club by a certain time regardless of being a general admission ticket, so please do check terms and conditions.

Better safe than asked to pay the difference on arrival. Or worse, refused admission entirely. It does happen for the parties that regularly sell-out, so heed our warning.


Not every party on Ibiza blows a hole in your wallet. Take a look around and you can find some fantastic parties at a reasonable cost. Eden is a great place to start.

The San Antonio club boasts an exquisite range of weekly parties between €15 to €40. Defected is a great example, because it consciously markets and prices itself for the younger generation - entry level clubbers who don't have the same disposable income of those older.

For a pool party extravaganza any day of the week, head on over to O Beach for some glam poolside action and feel-good tunes. Tickets range from €15 to €30! Not only super reasonable, but entail a whole day of action.

One thing that is for sure: nothing is as fun and crazy as a pool party.

Es Paradis is another sure bet. From weekly water parties Fiesta del Agua to the bump n' grind tunes of DJ Policy at The Vibes, you have a wide choice of interesting parties that won't break the bank.

Super-club Pacha might have a glam reputation, but perhaps surprisingly, does still offer bargains. We recommend keeping an eye on its midweek tickets in early (May and June) and late (September and October) season to find the deals.

One place that offers a great deal on both tickets and drinks is Octan. The warehouse-style clubbing destination ranks amongst the most underground venues on the island and prices itself accordingly.

Want a really outside tip? If you're prepared to work for it (it's fairly far away from the main tourist hubs) and also promise to respect the vibe, then Akasha in Ibiza's north is a super reasonable gem that guarantees a great night out. Don't expect too many big name DJs though.

Take advantage of our amazing terms & conditions

Perhaps not a money-saving tip per se, but one we feel for sure that Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis would strongly back if he ever covered clubbing consumer issues!

Did you know that all (well, 98 per cent) of our tickets come with a free cancellation policy?

No catch. We're that flexible. Change your mind for any - literally any - reason and we'll refund the full value of your ticket purchase, no questions asked. The only small print to pay attention to, is that you must cancel in your account at least 24 hours before the party's start time.

So - flight delays
- holiday cancellations
- illness/injury
- just a simple change of plans
- manage to blag guest list!!!

Yep, they're all covered - as well as any other scenario you can imagine.

Just as long, as we say, you notify us in your account before the last 24 hours. You can do this all online. You don't even need to talk to a human (phew!)

On the rare occasion that a ticket we sell is outside of this policy - and they are few and far between - we make this very clear when adding to your basket, so there's no surprises later down the line.

They really are the best ticketing terms on the entire planet and put you, the customer, in total control. We've got your back. Why look anywhere else?

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you to have a more budget-friendly experience here on the island but most importantly we hope that you have the summer holiday of a lifetime. Whilst a trip to Ibiza is not for free, it is certainly unforgettable.

WORDS | by Jo Dargie and Stephen Hunt

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