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5 things you need to know about Jimi Jules

Karma Baby and the genius of the Swiss multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer.

A unique character in the electronic music scene, Jimi Jules is a multi-instrumentalist and graduate school musician with more to offer than the standard four-to-the-floor sound.

Deeply dedicated to the house and techno scene, he also likes the intimacy of a studio session, both alone or with other producers and musicians to discover and create new forms of music and energy.

Besides completing his master's degree in music at the University of Arts in Zurich, the talented DJ and producer has had releases on Objektivity, Watergate Records, Cocoon, Rumpelmusig, to name a few.

Here are five things you need to know about him ahead of his Ibiza dates.

1. He's got an unusual background…

My father is from a traditional Caribbean kinda vodooish family. They experimented a lot with the bright and dark side of life and music, and yes they loved zouk. My mother grew up like me, in a traditional Swiss musician family - so called: Bünzli - my grandfather used to play the cornet (similar to the trumpet) for around 60 years in a well-known brass band. My grandmother was a so-called Jodel Königin (queen of Jodel) in Switzerland.

2. He's been playing brass instruments since he was 2 and eschewed a career in pop and jazz for electronic music.

My grandfather was the brightest star in my life, so I wanted to be like him. I started playing cornett from a very young age and wanted to succeed in the brass and classical scene. After I spent many years playing in different orchestras in Switzerland, I found out about Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard (to name a few), so I moved to Zurich where I graduated with a master degree in Music at the university. But it was earlier, that Sven Väth infected me with house and techno when I attended a rave at Reitschule Bern. My interests were no longer attached to classic and jazz music, my main interests switched from zero to 122 bpm. ;) That gave me a lot of trouble with my professors but it was worth it.”

3. His recent Karma Baby EP on Innervisions

I believe in karma and my girlfriend Anouk is my karma baby. If you try to give your best, it will come around, sooner or later. In my case, it was later but I'm happy about every step. The same applies also to Innervisions. I am good friends with Oliver Dollar who introduced me to that amazing label around 10 years ago. I was fascinated from the first moment because they release different sounding, mystical club music. I sent them some demos straight away but they didn't reply. Now I know why the music wasn't there at this very moment and I thought muuuuh!

Fast forward to 2016: The release of my album Equinox on Zukunft Recordings. Marcus Worgull liked it and showed it to Dixon and Kristian (from Âme). They liked it too and played it out a lot. End of story. No, but since that moment they have been supporting my music. So finally they asked me for some music for Innervisions. After some time - last November when I had my first Australia tour - they finally signed this special six-track EP. Karma done!

Karma Baby out now on Innervisions.

4. Homelife is a creative affair, frequently collaborating with his partner Anouk Manser.

My longterm girlfriend Anouk is a great creative muse. She is giving me a lot of inspiration for my tracks and painted most of the covers for the EPs I released. Also, she took some funny photos for my social platforms and events. She's a beautiful soul and I'm the proudest man that I can call her ‘the mother of my kids.' She's my best friend and a person who reflects me the best. It is not always comfortable but life isn't comfortable; it's a journey.

5. Yes, he did Pushing On with Oliver Dollar in 2014 but don't expect that to define him.

Actually, I'm really happy that I'm one of the guys who did this track. Imagine this track at the beginning of a career. It's the best support you can receive to build up a career and a family properly without an everyday hustle.”

Want to check him out for yourself? You have three more chances this season. Here are Jimi Jules Ibiza dates:

6 August at HEART for Heart Factory | Muse by Musumenci & Lehar
30 August at Pacha for Dixon presents Transmoderna
21 September at Hï Ibiza for Black Coffee

See below or follow the links for more info and tickets.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Mirjam Kluka

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