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Electrico Romantico seduces the HEART dance floor

Bob Sinclar opens new Monday night party.

On Monday night house legend Bob Sinclar celebrated the opening of his brand new party concept Electrico Romantico. Making his home at HEART, the French DJ kicked off with an opening night to remember - A night of sexy aromas, funky tunes and old-school house beats.

In the varied Ibizan clubbing scene, HEART offers something a little more elegant and chic to indulge in on a night out, making it the perfect venue for this electronica love affair.

From the off, the dance floor was tightly packed with a diverse range of dancers ready to unwind to the sensual beats of house music.

Walking in, we heard some of the latest summer dance tracks around played by Fredelux. Not for long, though, as we were about to leave 2019 behind and rewind through the decades.

The party had all the glamour and sex appeal of the 1970s and the attitude and audacious style of the 1980s. With hues of purple and red lights, and iconic David Bowie inspired imagery on the walls, it was as if we had gone back in time.

Now in full party mode, the beats got funkier and bass lines pumped harder. The Cube Guys shared rhythmic tracks with groovy bass lines raw vocal toplines.

This track caught my attention in the mix - The Cube Guys' There's a Woman (Twinbross Remix). With a vocal delivery reminiscent of heroes of the glam-rock era, it completely juxtaposes the classic house beat backing track.

The Cube Guys kept the upbeat, feel-good grooves coming and the crowd was loving it. Waving our hands in the air and bopping to a real mix of sounds, we were on it.

Throwing in a remix of Bob Sinclar's Kiss My Eyes made dancers more enthralled for the party host to make his appearance in upcoming moments.

I have seen some pretty cool entrances in my time and this one certainly makes the list. With the eager crowds gathering behind the decks and the dancers taking centre stage, it was time for Bob Sinclar to arrive.

A sea of cameras flooded the crowd, everyone trying to capture the golden moment.

Before any mixing took place, the French DJ made a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to make his concept night come alive - from the venue staff to the audience. Everyone shared the love.

With the emotional part done and dusted, it was time to turn it up another notch. Oh yes.

Kickstarting the night, he played his signature style of quick tempo house with rich jungle sounds. The dance floor was about to erupt.

Confetti cannons exploded, the music electrified, and the visual production of HEART took us to another level. The joys of dance music.

With the help of Daddy's Grove, Bob Sinclar put his stamp on Thelma Houston's soulful disco classic Don't Leave Me This Way. The iconic sound of disco never fails to get me dancing.

This remix oozes tingly feelings of past summers spent dancing with good company and good vibes. Have a listen for yourself.

Not every DJ brings a full TV film crew with them, but this is Bob Sinclar. Cameras scanned the bouncing dance floor as he announced that we were going live on French television for fellow ravers to join in the buzz.

Whilst best known for his immense contribution to the global dance music scene in the early 2000s, Bob Sinclar is still hot on the chase for new releases in 2019. Playing the fresh sounds of Calvin Harris, Camelphat and Fisher, Bob Sinclar remains a true maestro of the scene,

Leaving only ecstatic looks on the faces of clubbers, the house legend left us all in awe. The whole night was certainly had a blast.

If you want to experience the Electrico Romantico effect, then be sure to join Bob Sinclar and friends every Monday for a dance.

Head below for more information on dates, line-ups and tickets. See you under the confetti.

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