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Celebrating five years of HEART Ibiza

Art and music unite for the club's unique birthday party.

HEART Ibiza has been a long-standing member of my bucket list. Having heard tales of its beauty and idiosyncratic qualities from other clubbers, I couldn't turn down the chance to see it for myself. And what better way to do so than at the club's 5th-anniversary bash. Here's what went down.

I first noticed that even from the outside, the club emits extravagance. Art installations and lavish decoration continued from the outside in, immediately exceeding my expectations.

The inside was no different and before I'd even got my foot in the door I was whisked away by a team of costumed performers. Arms linked with what I can only describe as an LED covered robot, I made my way to the dance-floor. Instantaneously feeling part of this weird yet wonderful affair.

Before I got too comfortable in my spot on the dance floor, I figured it was best to do a little exploring. From the restrooms to the roof terrace, I was intrigued through and through. As though it seemed, everything was drowsing in opulence.

Though mirrors, marble and gold dominated the space, not one part of the club made me feel as though I didn't belong there. Each corner of the venue was furnished with interactive features, offering perhaps the most immersive clubbing experience I have had to date.

After a good look around the clothing stalls and food on offer upstairs it was time to surrender to the music calling me from the club downstairs. Canadian DJ and producer Laurence Matte was the first to enthral us with some emotion-filled melodies.

A powerful track, Lionheart by Maruc Schossow featuring The Royalties STHLM was one of her selected tunes and it made for classic an arm-raising, goose-bump generating moment.

Uplifting the crowd towards the back end of her set was Too Much Information (Laolu Remix edit) by Franky Rizardo - perfectly preparing us for the headlining man, Guy Laliberté.

Starting as he meant to go on, Laliberté's opening track was the perfect transition from Laurence Matte's set. Take a listen to Triangle (Original Mix) by Alexey Union & Memfisa.

The visionary and HEART Ibiza co-creator made it rather obvious he felt at home. Mastering the decks and the entire room, Laliberté effortlessly delivered. With his selecting skills and the production of the club room combined, the music was certainly felt more than heard.

It was then official. I was glued to the dance floor. And as it seemed, so was everyone around me. Like an author, he led me through a journey of sentiments with some heavy drops and consistent rolling beats.

The ambient style of music perfectly fit the surroundings. The impressive production meant projection and lighting gave the impression that even the room itself was alive and dancing.

El Sol by Robert Maestro welcomed in the final act Isaiah Martin. Keeping things mellow the American DJ and producer rounded things up and as a result, leaving me yearning for more.

Want to tick HEART off your bucket list? Keep up to date with our party calendar below for tickets and more information on upcoming events.

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