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Aboard the IBZ boat party

Aka the craziest boat party in Ibiza.

Recently, all of us Ibiza Spotlight clubbing interns set sail on the IBZ boat party for a crazy fun-filled afternoon. Oh yes, please!

Beyond excited, we headed down to Playa d'en Bossa and jumped aboard The Captain ready for the day ahead. As we boarded, we were handed glasses of sangria and a slice of pizza to line our stomachs - way to start the day.

If the four-hour open bar were not already appealing enough, the day was also jam-packed with music and the chance to make a splash with some watersports. What's more, the ticket includes entry to Hï Ibiza or Ushuaïa to continue the party way into the night. Oh yes, please.

Here's what else we found. Dive in!

a crowd-pleasing soundtrack

As we set sail, the DJ wasted no time in dropping some banging feel-good house and crowd favourites. The tunes ignited the mood of the unsuspecting boat partiers still sipping on their arrival sangria. It was game on!

Standout moments saw the funky house beats of Green Velvet mashed up with EDM drops of Steve Aoki. Later, the dance-floor-filling classics of Cascada's Every Time We Touch provided a splash of nostalgia, too.

One minute we were winding away to the Latin urban sound of Daddy Yankee's Dura and the next we heard the ever-popular One Dance by Drake.

No matter the nationality, each member of the crowd knew every track and sang along with equal enthusiasm. Avicci's Levels brought the party to the climax.

With every genre represented in some way, the DJs' crowd-pleasing mixing abilities created the perfect playlist for every music taste.

plenty to do

The IBZ boat party boasted more than drinks and dancing. Water-sports, delicious paella and an onboard photographer were all on offer. What a day.

The chance to ride the jet ski was high on people's agenda. One by one, party-goers sped off on top of the Playa d'en Bossa waters. As people clung on to the driver, it was just as amusing to watch as it was to ride!

And more - the banana boat also had adrenaline junkie riders holding on as long as they could before their grip let them down. It was inevitable - eventually, most went flying into the sea. the laughter was infectious.

After a full hour of over-board shenanigans, it was back to the boat for some well-deserved grub. Traditional paella, pasta and fresh fruit were on the menu.

The man of the hour was a member of staff dressed in a sailor's jacket and hat. He got us all fired up chanting as he poured cava and shots over the eager crowd below him. And that, my friends, is how it's done.

the extras

For an extra special treat, give your IBZ experience the VIP treatment. With €300, you can upgrade to a luxurious, cushioned Bali bed with premium spirits, priority boarding and priority access to the water sports on offer.

The shaded and sectioned off area at the back of the boat also gives you a perfect place to relax if you need to get a break from all the madness.

If the IBZ boat party does not get you having a blast, nothing else will. Head below for our party calendar holding more information and tickets. You know you want to!

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