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VGBDOS opens at Amnesia

Luciano kicks off his Vagabundos residency.

Clubbing concepts come and go, but some stand the test of time. After some time off, Chilean-Swiss DJ Luciano returns with his Vagabundos residency, this time at Amnesia. We went along to join Ibiza's clubland ne'er-do-wells and experience this night filled with vibrancy and vigour.

The party was born from Luciano's very own rigorous touring schedule where he felt like a vagabond. As the seasons rolled on, the party was hosted in Balearic sanctuaries, including Pacha, Space and Hï Ibiza respectively.

Every party increased its popularity, amongst island dwellers and international clubbing clientele alike. Now Luciano is back with his abbreviated VGBDOS and will be taking over Amnesia for 13 Fridays this summer. Here's how the first one went down.

Sunsets and a Sizzling start

The party actually kicked hours before even Amnesia opened its doors. A sweet VGBDOS pre-party at Café del Mar saw Kevin Yost and Luciano mix it up for Ibiza Global Radio as the sun set on San Antonio.

Both artists were in good spirits, dropping and dancing along to tunes like Say Goodbye (Losoul She's Homeless Mix).

Night fell and the main event started. Early on the Amnesia Terrace was filling up nicely. Kevin Yost was back on the decks setting the mood with a mixture of melodically deep tones.

The multi-talented artist knew how to play a room, opting for a more laid back approach to his DJ set, preparing clubbers for fierce dance floor moments which were yet to come.

Meanwhile taking command of the Club room was White Isle native Anna Tur. Her physical energy and sensuality blended with a menagerie of tech beats were mesmerising to watch.

Every tune was a certified body rocker, but the atmospheric Drizzle by Zusan hit all the right notes with the crowd as Anna's set reached its peak.

The VGBDOS clan arrives

Kittin stepped things up a gear further back in the terrace. Pushing the tempo with tech grooves, these dubbed up bangers had a hint of an old school rave sound.

Track selects like Attitude by Sascha Sonido made the growing crowd move that little bit faster.

Whilst she spun jackin' sounds, the clan of VGBDOS hit the dancefloor. Dressed steampunk clothing a group of dancers, stilt walkers and vagabond totem made its way into the middle of the party madness.

This bizarre yet entertaining visual spectacle added to the already energy-filled atmosphere.

Josh Wink was also making the Club room dance floor move excitedly with his set. The cheerful DJ constantly had a smile on his face as he mixed and blended each track.

Needless to say, it is always great to see an artist whose truly in love with his craft. The effortlessly soulful Lantana by Greg Gow soared across the room all hands reaching for the lasers.

Musical wizardry and clubbing magic

The terrace was packed out for Luciano's arrival at 04:00. As a testament to his skills and charisma as an artist, his fans adore him.

The end of Kittin's set was met with applause and then further cheering filled the room as Luciano started his set.

Thundering through his sample-based set with a mixture of techno and acidic flavours, Luciano playfully teased the crowd with drum patterns of his own making, leading to an arpeggio and drop which drove the audience wild. Clubbing magic at its finest.

Nipping back into the Club Room for a hot second, I caught Detroit don Kenny Larkin performing some musical wizardry in the DJ booth. Every knob turn was purposeful - like the artist was hardwired into the decks.

The Yard Man by SRVD - a fast-paced and heavy tune if I ever heard one - was the perfect late night select.

Luciano continued to please his crowd well into the night. Occasionally a gipsy dressed female preacher from a stage above him spoke the gospel according to VGBDOS.

Then switching up the vibe completely he dropped Say My Name by DJ Protein, a leftfield banger and personal favourite of mine from the night and this season.

The success of VGBDOS is due in large to its injection of colour and exuberance into the dance floor through music and performance. This footloose and fancy-free environment welcomes clubbers into raving spaces for a night celebrating beatific vibes.

With Luciano at the helm, this Friday night residency can only increase its popularity and fan basis over this summer season.

Luciano will be seeing some of the finest electronic music talent out there throughout the season. Check it out for yourselves to see what we are talking about.

All details below.

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