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Martin Solveig kicks off Pure Pacha opening party

So it begins...

Making his home at Pure Pacha on Saturdays, renowned French DJ Martin Solveig certainly left us wanting more on the opening night. Joined by Tiga and Sebastian Gamboa for a dance in one of Ibiza's finest super-clubs, it goes down as a night to remember.

As a newbie to the island, I popped my Pacha cherry this past weekend - and what a night it was. The audience was a complete cocktail of nationalities, ages and styles. All were summoned together by their shared love of electronic dance music that created united energy throughout the club.

Warming up the night was home-grown, Ibizan DJ Sebastian Gamboa. Delivering an eclectic array of sample influences from tribal to funk and soul, he is a master of his profession. With seamless mixes, he had nobody taking a break from dancing.

Dropping tracks like Awoo (original mix) from Doorly and Tan Dem being spun, he knows how to keep it going on the dance floor. Yes, please.

Good thing Sebastian will be a regular guest at Pure Pacha over the 2019 season.

Next up on decks was Tiga, one for the more hard-style techno lovers. Tiga's set delivered a constant beat to keep the atmosphere rolling.

His mix of futuristic electronica sounds went hand in hand with Pacha's extravagant production. Hypnotising the thirsty dancers through every one of their senses, he kept on going.

A highlight track from Tiga's set for this Pacha virgin was SRVD's recent release Brotha. Layering echoing, soulful vocal samples over a steady beat, it was utterly captivating.

As the nocturnal crowd showed no signs of slowing down, it was time for the 2019 resident. Martin Solveig led with an anticipating intro which exploded through the crowd when the beat finally dropped.

He brought together a set full of top hits of the summers past and present. My favourite was the glorious moment when the sound of acid house legend Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now pounded our ears.

And how could Martin complete a set without featuring his latest release with Jax Jones and Madison Beer, All Day and Night?

Sampling an iconic beat of Faithless's Insomnia, the tune is set to be the ultimate soundtrack to summer 2019.

Pure Pacha Saturday nights are now in full swing. Check out the party calendar below for full line-ups and dates.

Most importantly, grab your dancing shoes and a ticket. We'll be under the shower of confetti.

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