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Hot new tracks for June 2019

Top releases from May.

We've reached June, which means that the Ibiza season is full steam ahead. The majority of venues are now open. If they haven't already, all of the weekly parties will now start opening too.

At the moment there's no one - or even handful of - tracks that are dominating the airwaves… yet. Give it time.

However, perusing the releases from last month, we reckon any and all of the below have the potential to make an impact throughout June. These are our cross-genre office picks from May. Enjoy.

Michael Bibi & Skream | Otto's Chant | Solid Grooves | 24 May

If 2012 was the year of Otto Knows, 2019 is set to be summer of Otto's Chant. Bibi's follow-up to runaway hit Hanging Tree. The man from Solid Grooves has only bagged a studio collaboration with the one and only Skream.

Good art is widely liked, but great art should be divisive. If we uniformly loved everything, life would be pretty dull and predictable. And we have a suspicion that this track will divide opinion. Love it or hate it - you're going to be hearing it loads in any case.

Sophia Essél | The Franchise | Toolroom Trax | 24 May

Last month we touted Maxinne's Toolroom single as being the kind of track Hot Since 82 would surely love to play. Well, this fits the same bracket. A product of Toolroom's #WEARELISTENING program, we look forward to more material from Ms. Essél. A star is born.

Talking of Toolroom, we're still recovering from the opening party at Eden on Sunday night - read more here. Be sure to reserve those Sundays for family over the next 16 weeks, all the way until 22 September.

Mollie Collins feat Bella Penfold | Better On My Own | Right Good Records | 3 May

Arguably we don't chart enough drum 'n' bass on Ibiza Spotlight. Although the genre doesn't have much of a stronghold on the island, there's no disputing it's earned its spot in the spectrum of electronic music.

KISS FM UK drum 'n' bass show hostess Mollie Collins launches her brand new label with this vocal number with crossover appeal. Sure to do this business across all commercial radio stations.

Best bet for hearing it in a club? Together Tuesdays at Amnesia, naturally. It opens tonight - 4 June.

Anto | Paradise | House Essential Records | 3 May

Showcasing less established artists gives a rare opportunity we are committed to doing more of in the future. Featuring elements of future house without overloading on the donk counter, here's an infectious vocal anthem from Anto. Windows down, arms up and smiling mandatory.

The kind of hidden gem you come across by accident listening to a Ministry of Sound dance compilation. Most likely to hear it anywhere that has a pool, plenty of sunshine and a sound system.

Soul Divide | Stand Up | Love Amplified | 17 May

Love Amplified's main guys, Soul Divide are back with more harmonic house goodness. Screaming summer anthem, it was impossible not to include this feel-good vocal. Capable of spreading some rays on the gloomiest of days. Check out the new remixes too.

The prospect of hearing this track in the sunshine at Benimussa Park - what could be more perfect? Friday 26 July is the date to stick in your diary. Soul Divide are joined by Dusky, Heidi and Madhouse records on the day.

Alex Kennon | The Lover | Saved Records | 17 May

Either cut from Alex Kennon's latest Saved EP was in the running for inclusion this month. Snaking across the dance floor with Spanish salsa rhythm, we went for The Lover in the end.

We had the privilege of catching up with Alex at Pacha's press launch night recently, and he was in an optimistic mood about the season ahead. Catch him guesting for Saved head Nic Fanciulli's new DANCE OR DIE party at Ushuaïa.

Diego Donati | Quantic | IDOL Records | 13 May

Hot on the heels of the imprint's debut release from King Joshua, the second half of the team behind IDOL has now graced the party's label wing. Diego Donati's contribution is a melodic composition that hits all the right notes.

Whilst we're still a bit miffed about the ever-amazing ARTBAT disappearing from the line-up, nine essential dates with UK rave legends Orbital is not to be missed. It kickrf off last night. You'll find us front and centre. Diego Donati & King Joshua play every week.

Kenneth Bager | Farmacia | Armada Electronic Elements | 17 May

Our next selection keeps things dreamy. Designed to enchant and excite even after multiple plays, this track is the latest in a line of progressive tracks helping to restore credibility to the genre.

Kenneth Bager will be little known to most, but if you ever happen to get wind of any of his appearances on the island - often lowkey or unannounced - make sure you check them out. One of the last remaining advocates of the true spirit of the Balearic beat, you'll be grateful you did.

MK | Body 2 Body (MK's Extended Rub Dub) | Ultra | 24 May

Only a few weeks into the season, and already we have been graced by MK's presence twice at Defected's opening two parties. We can confirm the production maverick is on fire - and his latest track does the business on the dance floor. We're less convinced by the peroxide hair, mind.

Be sure to catch him at his Ibiza Rocks poolside residency on Mondays at the height of summer. Otherwise, we're eyeing his date of Amnesia's terrace for ABODE on 12 September. Also appearing multiple times at Pacha and for David Guetta's two parties.

Adam Port feat DJ Assault | XXXX | keinemusik | 24 May

keinemusik is one of those labels that consistently release amazing records. We're not sure we've ever heard a dud. True to form, here is another slice of perfection this time courtesy of Adam Port.

Sounding gorgeous in DC10's Garden at Circoloco's opening, we'd wager this is gonna get a lot of love at Black Coffee and Solomun+1. It's a long way off yet, but their guest slot at Solomun's closing could be the send off the 2019 season is remembered for.

We will be back next month with our latest round of selections. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our Spotify channel, which we update weekly.

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