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5 tracks from the Es Paradis opening party

The stunning club is back.

It might not be the biggest club on the island, but with its 44 years of experience, Es Paradis shows that you don't have to have size in your favour. Last Saturday night the famous San An pyramid was back in action with its opening party and the club was looking just as beautiful as ever.

As far as clubs go, I can honestly say I've never seen one so beautiful. Not in a luxurious, high-end sense, but in an elegant and picturesque way. The mesmerising lights, the climbing ivy and the garden themed verandas overlooking the dance floor all made for a surprisingly romantic encounter.

There was genuinely so much to take in that we spent a good 30 minutes exploring before grabbing a drink and enjoying the music. The ultraviolet lights throughout the venue made everything glow. It seems the novelty of having neon green teeth and hair never gets old.

The multi-tiered main room with its dance floor and DJ situated in the centre meant you could get a full 360-degree experience of the venue. Meanwhile, the high roof lifted the room making it light and airy – a far cry from any dingy low-roofed rave.

The little side room was even doing it for the locals by blasting out some more traditional Spanish music. Spanish couples of all ages were winding their hips together to some salsa music.

Back in the main room, one of the most legendary Ibiza DJs Alfredo helped to get the show going. Alongside him were David Moreno, Steeve Valverde, Yor D and Iban Mendoza.

The eclectic line-up was certainly reflected in the night's music choices. We were taken on a journey through time and genres.

Here are some top tracks from the evening.

Different Circles (Nicson Remix) – Luca Lozano & MR Ho

We were landed with some deep house vibes with Different Circles.

I Wanna Be Your Lover – Price

This Prince classic was a surprising choice, but the crowd loved it all the same.

Feel My Needs (Gorgon City Remix) – Weiss

We were brought back to the present day with this Gorgon City remix.

Yebo – De Gama

The funky sounds of Italian producer De Gama's Yebo got people going.

Afro Acid Freak – DJale

Later on, we were treated to the sounds of some acid house with Afro Acid Freak. We really went a full circle on music genre tonight.

Missed the opening party? Es Paradis is home to some of the best alternative parties on the island.

On Wednesdays you can make a splash at the Fiesta del Agua as midway through the night the dance floor fills with water turning the venue into a pool party. Two parties for the price of one - who doesn't love a deal!

The GLOW Neon Paint Party on Mondays gets equally as messy. The UV lights will make sure not only your teeth will glow with this one.

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