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Best live electronic music acts on Ibiza

We put five live electronic music acts under the spotlight so you know where to catch them this summer.

International DJs are synonymous with Ibiza. As the worldwide epicentre of dance music, the two go hand in hand. But increasingly, Ibiza is becoming known for showcasing a related but different type of entertainer: live electronic music artists.

The output may sound similar, but the disciplines and skillset are very different. To the uninformed, this misunderstood art form is often overlooked. On closer look, though, it is truly a striking art.

While the DJ selects and mixes other producers' music, sometimes including some of his or her own productions as well, live electronic music acts perform exclusively their own music and remixes, recreating these in the moment using a variety of hardware and software.

In some respects, a live electronic act may have more in common with an indie band than a DJ. Just swap guitars and drumkit for a launch pad and midi keyboard, and voila!

Whilst you don't necessarily need to see a DJ to appreciate what they play, watching a live performer can also be a rewarding visual treat. Don't be shy here. Head to the front and have a look at how your favourite tracks come to life.

With so many talented live electronic music acts playing on Ibiza between now and October, we take a look at five artists you need to check out. We're sure their music will be familiar to many of you, though watching them play it live most likely is not. Grab your chance while you have it.


Next up: Pyramid | Amnesia | 30 July

Also playing: Afterlife (16 August, 6 September), RESISTANCE (28 August)

Stephan Bodzin is a classical composer who has adapted to club-focused dance music with ease. At Pyramid in June, we briefly saw him and KiNK share a stage and fondle each other's hardware. It gave us a flutter, but Bodzin is a performer who has been known to stir us.

There are peaks, troughs and notes of high drama. Hypnotic might be the most fitting description. Little wonder then, that he is being pushed heavily on Tale Of Us' otherworldly Afterlife label and event series.

You only have to watch his theatrics and facial contortions to tell that Bodzin absolutely loves music. He feels every subtlety.

It's endearingly refreshing to see an artist from within the techno realm display heartfelt emotion. And that's why we love him.


Next up: Dancing Into Dreamland | Cova Santa | 1 August

Also playing: DYSTOPIA (24 August), Saga (9 September)

What makes Satori unique as a live electronic music performer is that he dispenses with synthesizers. It makes his sound much more stripped back, organic and authentic. His increased public profile has coincided with a season where that shamanic sound has risen in popularity.

Even his stage name has spiritual connotations, lifted from the Buddhist theology meaning enlightenment. We can confirm that experiencing a Satori set is definitely a spiritual journey.

The Dutch native has Balkan heritage, and it's clear these roots influence his productions. Ethnic vocals and native North African instruments are prevalent in his music. It's no surprise why Damian Lazarus has brought him on board with Crosstown Rebels.

He has even curated his own series of events at HEART Live. Whether as a dynamic solo performer or taking things more downtempo alongside his band from outer space, Satori is a musical guru. Just wait to see what his does with his flute!


Playing at: Cocoon Daytime | Destino | 2 August

We don't have to look too far ahead for our next pick. On Thursday 2 August, Cocoon and Sven Väth return to Destino for the second instalment of Cocoon Daytime. Joining Papa Sven, DJ Koze and Maurizio Schmitz, the UK's Tim Green will be playing live.

It's already been a huge year for Tim. Not only has he become an increasingly prominent artist on Cocoon Recordings, but he released sci-fi concept album Her Future Ghost to critical acclaim. The LP has spawned several hits we're looking forward to hearing live.

In addition, he recently revealed he is the man behind genre-hopping enigma Invisible Minds. What a year.

We can't wait to see what his live show brings to the stunning location on Cap Martinet.


Next up: Paradise | DC10 | 15 August

Also playing: RESISTANCE (4 September), Cocoon (26 September)

Matador has already graced Ibiza with a handful of appearances in 2018. With more scheduled, he is arguably the most popular of our live acts.

Having broken through on M-Nus in 2011, he is still producing huge dance floor weapons today with Itajai being massive this summer.

The Irishman was thrust into the spotlight as part of the roster of Richie Hawtin's ENTER., that occupied Thursdays at the late Space 2012-2015.

The story goes that Hawtin was looking for a live act to complement his technology-focused spectacular. Whilst on the hunt, he discovered Matador.

In the present day, Matador has moved from marquee act to label head himself, fronting Rukus. On the island he's still in high demand, playing several of the underground parties across multiple venues, including RESISTANCE.

Where will you catch this special act this summer?


Next up: Afterlife | Hï | 16 August

Also playing: Paradise (29 August), Afterlife (20 September)

What more is there to say about KiNK? Nine times out of ten, his smile is the biggest in the room. When you consider he often plays rooms holding upward of 500 people, that's quite an achievement. That he is also straight-edge underlines he is an artist all about the music.

His show is a performance in the truest sense of the word. Whereas other live electronic music acts might be accused of being too linear, KiNK's boundless enthusiasm unfolds from the stage in high-definition 4D.

Even though his Playground album came out last year already, many of its tracks are still getting hammered on Ibiza's dance floors in 2018 - quite the testament to the Bulgarian's production genius.

Is he the most likeable personality in dance music? We think he might very well be.

With the island laying claim to homing niche live talents such as Paco Fernandez and Jose Padilla, it's great that music is coming full-circle. While we are quite sure that DJ culture on Ibiza will not disappear anytime soon, there is definitely room reserved for these virtuoso showmen.

If you seek entertainment that is so much more than mixing records, live performance is the format that straddles two worlds. You can find further info on the event listings on our website. Then see you on that dance floor.

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