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A fun-packed day on the water with Ibiza Watersports

We went out to try a whole host of different and exciting things to do on the water in a specially-designed day of this company's top activities.

When going to Ibiza with its beautiful bays and stunning scenery, spending time on the sea is essential. Ibiza Watersports offers a variety of sea activities to make your holiday experience exciting and thrilling.

Sometimes you want to do more than one activity, so we went for some of the top items that the company offers in its Fun Packs, where you get a mix of some of the best seasborne things to do from the really wild to activities anyone could do.

As well as a great day out on the water, you'll see gorgeous Ibizan coastline, secret caves and tiny hidden beaches. It's another world out there at sea, Here's our low-down of a top set of active water fun things we got to do for the day


See underwater secrets with the fabulous Bladefish

We started our morning by hopping aboard a speedboat which takes you on a trip around the beautiful beaches of Cala Bassa and Cala Conta. This was a perfect opportunity see those magical and scenic spots, going past outlying islands that you only normally see from a distance and caves, possibly once used by pirates that are only accessible by boat.

The captain was very entertaining providing us with anecdotes and inside Ibiza knowledge during the tour. We loved the free bar and were soon sipping on fruity sangria and some San Miguels. Soft drinks are available as well - basically, there's plenty to keep thirst at bay.

A sweet selection of Balearic beats got us grooving as we pulled up to picturesque Cala Bassa, gazing at villas owned by the likes of David Guetta, Enrique Iglesias and Naomi Campbell on the way.

Speeding into beautiful little bays on our speedboat

With a 45-minute stop, we all got our snorkels out and and tried out the Bladefish - that's a watercraft that takes you above and below the water so you can observe the glorious marine life as you dip below. The crystal-clear water was perfect for underwater shots with my Go Pro camera.

It was the best water experiences I have ever had and made for a few cheeky pictures on Instagram of me making a splash in the sea as I dived off the side of the boat. Everyone was in high spirits as we made our way back.

"XTREME" boating

If you're looking for a serious adrenaline rush, the Xtreme Jet Boat is for you. I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never heard of a "rollercoaster on the waves", which this is, though it ended up being one of my favourite parts of the day. I was in stitches of laughter for the entire journey.

Our captain made the experience even more entertaining. He kept teasing us, saying it was his first time steering the boat as he zoomed through the water at a heart-racing speed. He danced along to the pumping house tunes as the boat bounced high over the waves whilst we all clung on for dear life.

Evidently this guy loves his job, and who can blame him? He shouts "This is the best bit" and "are you ready!" before the crazy 360-degree spins that completely drenched us all. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before with levels of excitement at an all-time high. Everyone was buzzing and clapping as the wild ride came to a halt. Fun, fun and more fun.


Following in the footsteps of pirates in a secret cave

You are sure to have seen banana boats bobbing in the water and other super inflatables being hurtled across the water making epic waves (see main picture). Ibiza Watersports has a super collection of inflatables to pick from. As we waited our turn, we watched the different ones whiz through the water. As they all looked so cool it made it difficult for us to choose a preferred one. We went for the ‘sofa' as there was less chance of going overboard. Great for someone like me who doesn't have great upper-body strength

“Do you want to go super fast or super super fast?” We grinned and shouted “super, super fast!” As the boat took off, we began to regret our decision. Gulp! The driver found my incredibly loud screams hysterical as we were towed along with speed. My voice was on the verge of disappearing after shrieking with delight at this one!


I was most nervous about the Flyboard this one but still excited to give it a try being the new watersport that everyone is talking about. If soaring through the air up to 10 metres high ticks your boxes of fun then the flyboard experience is the one for you. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it looks and with a fantastic instructor you'll be able to master the basics in no time.

Once you've got your balance the powerful water jets launch you into the air so you can fly like a superhero. It took me quite a while to grasp the technique but eventually, I was up in the air taking in the amazing views of San Antonio Bay.

This is one of the coolest trips around and definitely made my friends, who were too scared to try it, really jealous The instructor is very encouraging and reassuring and for beginners like me, that's just what you need.

A feeling like no other when you're flying high in Ibiza – this one exceeded my expectations. Unforgettable!

For an incredible day on the sea, lots of laughter and smiles, make for the best time - get your sea legs ready and be preppared to be wowed!

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