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Warriors head out to RebelsLand in July

Chief Steve Lawler and co land at Benimussa Park for special summer one-off party.

Capadi Rebels are making big movements this year, heading to Benimussa Park with the new development of their party: Capadi RebelsLand. The open-air rave opens has quite the surprise in store for us.

The week following the opening, 26 June sees Steve Lawler and his band of Warriors DJs come to Ibiza. Expect a medley of house and techno tunes at this party.

Joining Lawler at the festival-like will be head of the FUSE London clan Enzo Siragusa. Greek wonder Detlef is also coming to play a set along with Michael Bibi, the Solid Grooves head honcho.

Spinning on his home ground is Ibiza born and raised DJ Manu Gonzalez. Paul Darey and Kan.e complete this hot roster of artists. All these big underground names will have you partying until after dark.

Running from Tuesday 19 June to 4 September, RebelsLand is all about having the freedom to dance like no one is watching in a unique location like the re-imagined zoo.

This Warriors and Rebels collaboration is one date to keep in mind the Ibiza summer.

See below for more info and tickets.

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