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Relive Black Coffee's closing set with these tracks

Get a taste of what Black Coffee's closing party was with these nine tunes.

Black Coffee brought his debut Ibiza residency at to a close Saturday night and he did so in dazzling fashion. The South African superstar went on an all-night marathon in Hï Ibiza's theatre room while he called upon Mandar, Da Capo, Salomé, Jesse Calosso, Enoo Napa, and DJ Strat3gy to power the club room.

As always, the production at Hï was top notch and unrivalled. Elongated light fixtures hung horizontally from the ceiling parallel to each other to make one giant square, moving in waves to the music. All the while dancers dressed in dark Brazilian carnival costumes spellbindingly moved about on the podiums. It felt like being on a culturally exotic spaceship.

Black Coffee's journey is quite remarkable when you think about how he went from underground DJ to international star in a matter of a year. His closing at Hï was a perfect way to end a storied season as he helped clubbers lose themselves in his brand of deep house for hours. Everyone was engulfed, losing track of the time and space around them as he played a plethora of tunes from his musical journey. The recent DJ Award winner of the Deep House category unleashed a treasure trove of gems all night, but we managed to identify a few for your pleasure. Check them out.

Frankey & Sandrino Feat. la Öberg – Ways Of The Sun

Easily listening to start the night off with a track from German duo Frankey & Sandrino. Let la Öberg's sultry vocals entice you away into the night.

Dance Spirit – Late Night Early Mornings (Bedoiun Remix)

A moody remix from Bedouin for you to start exploring the vast soundscape. The desert vibes make you curious of what is to come.

Alex Niggemann – Silhouettes & Sparks (Denis Horvat Remix)

A track from German producer Alex Niggemann keeps things leisurely but leaves some darker, heavier notes that have you craving for more.

Khen And Guy Mantzur Feat. Kamila – Children With No Name

Israeli products Khen and Guy Mentzur's Children With No Name is one of those tracks that will creep its way into your body with its infectious melody and vocals.

Edu Imbernon & Duologue – Underworld (Tuff City Kids Remix)

We are starting to bring the pace up here with this absolutely addictive remix from German duo Tuff City Kids. If you thought the original collab from Spaniard Edu Imbernon and the UK's Duologue was good, then you will love what the duo has done.

Denis Horvat – Momak

A little change of pace with this blooter from Danish producer Denis Horvat. Something to help you start getting into the groove.

Henrik Schwarz – Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules Remix)

Jimi Jules's remix of Henrik Schwarz's Take Words Into Return is another passionate and seductive tune that is just so inviting. It pulls you in with the subtle melody that just grows with each passing beat.

&ME – The Rapture

German &ME's The Rapture has been absolutely slaying it this summer and you can bet that it slay at the Black Coffee closing. The dramatic piano chords in conjunction with the simple synth-line that repeats itself is every bit eerie as it is soothing.

Alsarah & The Nubatones – Fulani (Pablo Fierro Remix)

Spaniard Pablo Fierro's remix of Alsarah & The Nubatones Fulani is an absolute tone-setter, one that gives Black Coffee total command and absolute attention from the room. Those tribal rhythms are virulent and you just can't ignore those haunting horns.

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