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Top tunes of 2017 selected by Afterlife DJs

We talk to the DJs from Afterlife about their personal favourite tracks of this year.

Since landing at Privilege at the end of June, Afterlife has enjoyed a very successful season on Ibiza. As one of the most forward thinking event/label combination projects in recent years, they are experiencing an ever growing fan base.

Afterlife took off strong from the start. The opening on 29 June was a special event in itself and a night of firsts. The label's first night at Privilege saw the brilliant techno rising star Patrice Bäumel, whose Glutes has been one of the favourite tracks of the season.

Ever since then, much excitement has reigned all over social media over both the Afterlife event and label. From Tale Of Us dropping an edit of Hans Zimmer's Time to the release of AL006, an anthemic offering from Tale Of Us & Vaal named The Hangar, lots more events and releases are on the imminent horizon from the ethereal music concept.

With all this musical bliss, we thought it a good idea to catch up with their artist roster and ask them which tracks have been their favourites in 2017. Brace yourselves and get ready to enjoy these musical gems.

Stephan Bodzin - Strand [Selected by Tale Of Us]

"Stephan Bodzin's Strand has been hitting the point every time we play it at Afterlife in Ibiza and at many festivals. Stephan has a unique sound and we support each other a lot. Even though this track is still unreleased, people already react as soon as they hear that synth."

Tale Of Us & Vaal - Monument (Barnt Remix) [Selected by Denis Horvat]

"Been playing it for a while, and its a floor killer. Barnt gives this tune a lot of tension and wideness. Vaal's vocal is simply amazing!"

Introversion - Dystopia [Selected by Keith Carnal]

"First time I heard the track I was blown away. Very powerful but not too hectic or hard. The strong and catchy lead really brings you in an emotional state and it's the perfect track to close your set with. No notes on this one and I've played it many times."

Bicep - Glue [Selected by Mind Against]

"The energy of a UK breakbeat mixed with some 90s elements and celestial vocals, make this new single from the upcoming Bicep album on Ninja Tune a perfect closing track for our sets on big stages as well as more intimate situations like clubs."

Im Glanz Des Mondes“ (Ø [Phase] Remix) [Selected by Monoloc]

"One of my favourite tunes in 2017 is definitely Im Glanz Des Mondes (Ø [Phase] Remix) [on Dystopian]. I love to play it at peak time. The song creates a spherical ambience with its hypnotic, driving sounds that make it easy to let yourself go. That is exactly where I want to take the crowd. For me, it's one of the best tracks of this year!"

Denis Horvat - Modelo [Selected by Patrice Bäumel]

"My top tune of 2017 is the still unreleased, Modelo, a new bomb by Denis Horvat. It is scheduled to come out on Afterlife in the coming months. Denis has been dropping bombs left, right and centre for some time now but this one tops it all. It's a track reminiscent of 90s Frankfurt trance but in a modern way. A soaring arpeggio teleports the crowd into high heavens. Every single time. It's like having a cheat code for every dancefloor, and that to me is the hallmark of a big hit record."

Marco V - Simulated (Bas Amro Remix) [Selected by SHDW & Obscure Shape]

"The new stripped down version by Bas Amro of Marco V's trance classic Simulated on Wolfskuil Records has been approved many times for a perfect closing track during the festival season. On the one hand, you can really feel the rave vibes of the early 90s, on the other hand, it's very dreamy and magical."

Odes Of The Kabatians - Varsovie I [Selected by Somne]

"Modern atmospheric techno."

South London Ordnance - Corporation [Selected by Vaal]

"I've been playing this track in my sets for some time now and its always one of my favourite moments. It's equally dark as it is dance-worthy."

Afterlife: an odyssey through the realm of consciousness.

Join the journey every Thursday at Privilege. See below for more details.

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