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Pikes on Sundays hits the spot

Now in their third year, Pikes on Sundays bring you everything but dance music in the sun and into the night.

Sundays have always been the day of rest. Of course, by rest we mean relaxing by a pool after demolishing a Sunday roast, whilst softening your probably already doomed eardrums with the sweet sounds of… what's that? No house or tech? Nonsense.

Alas! This is by no means nonsense. The creators behind our beloved We Love... Space On Sundays have jumped ship to Ibiza's favourite boutique secret Pikes three years ago and have two successful summers under their belts.

Our last day of rest was indeed Sunday funday. Spinning only the rawest of reggae, funk, soul, disco, psychedelia, indie - you get the picture - Pikes on Sundays is truly a party not scared to stand out differently.

Pikes resident DJs The Brothers Grim, aka Mark Broadbent and Andrew Livesey have brought their 15 years of experience from Space On Sundays. Adding some extra spice, they offer something completely different from the rest of the parties on the island.

We won't list off the many reasons that the Pikes legacy will live on until the sun keeps shining, but we will say that one of the top points is that it hosts a delightful Sunday Roast. The ravers' handbook clearly states not to boogie on an empty stomach, and the chefs at Pikes hotel have taken this very seriously.

After enjoying, and my lord did we enjoy, a four-course, homemade, tattie-filled roast and a bottle of wine to wash it down, the boys eased us into the night with a set that oozed authenticity and groove.

Groovy beats filled the air that surrounded the scenic venue. When we really concentrated, we could almost see George Michael lazing around the edge of the pool. The Doors and Led Zeppelin renditions went hand in hand with our Tony Pikes who slept on the double beds like a king.

As the sun set, the famous Pikes surroundings turned a deeper green. By midnight the party had taken the pilgrimage indoors. Having been knighted with the name PBR Streetgang after their long trip to Ibiza back in the day, the We Love... Space On Sundays regulars and all-around clubbing legends joined the gang and continued into the night.

After all, the techno-stomping, super club jumping and all-round madness needs variety. Pikes on Sundays is no doubt the place to be. Having said that, try not to get pulled into the crazy nooks and crannies of Pikes by its mad regulars, that is if you're strictly taking the laid back, groove-infused route. Another best bit? It's free of charge.

Space's soul and history has trickled into the soil of Ibiza and grown back through Pikes hotel, just when we thought it couldn't get any better. Read more here.

Call +34 971 342 222 to reserve a table.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Mike Portlock

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