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July's top club hitters

A top 10 selection of what we heard as July's favourite club hits.

July has been a memorable month on the White Isle, an impressive thirty-one days for parties, leaving us with a track selection to be remembered. From the launch of Disclosure's Wildlife fiesta at DC10 to Carl Cox's extremely special two shows at the mighty Privilege, the month has shown Ibiza's ability to continue growing. With this being said, we have carefully sorted and selected (which wasn't easy) the top 10 club hits of July.

Mono Junk – Farewell

Just what you want to hear at 06:30 in the morning, three hours deep into a Villalobos set. The track births from the Finnish producer's most recent EP, Halo, which boasts an 80s acidic Leftfield style of techno. Combining celestial drums and intergalactic chimes, the track is ingeniously textured. A track that can be misinterpreted until you sink your ears into it, then euphoria can settle in, especially as the sun shone through the Amnesia Terrace at Cocoon that morning.

Cirez D – The Accuser

Last month, Swedish DJ and producer stormed back into the electronic realm with vengeance. Only recently released at the end of July, Eric Prydz gave us a taster at Hï Ibiza of what was right around the corner for his underground alias Cirez D. A techno heavy track, taking his listeners to 126 BMP, with abrasive laser stylings and a clean cut bass line scaffolding with interspersed hi-hats.

&ME – Avalon

From &ME's latest release on Keinemusik, he gives us a one of a kind snare drum hypnosis. German DJ and producer Christian Burkhardt played this during his live set at Cocoon last month, as he admittedly gave his crowd 75 minutes of complete astonishment. Reaching the pinnacle of his set, the new &ME record features a mighty stop and stare moment on the dance floor. With an elusive yet enchanting female vocal listeners will discover mid-way through, the track offers further surprises throughout.

Marvin & Guy – Juba Dance

A barrel of cosmic funk is what the German duo Marvin & Guy played out at Circoloco last month. This nu dance track is trippy and low-slung with synths that transcend listeners to an intergalactic island. Played in the Garden of DC10, the distant melodies incubated the entire of the wooden dance floor as the crowd formed as one. The distorted vocals lace the track with a jungle feel adding cohesion with the bouncy, upbeat bass line that carries the track at a steady 125 BPM.

Pedro Mercado & Karada – Connected To Fly

Released on Parquet Recordings back in 2014, the track still remains a favourite within the club scene. A track which has the capability to take each listener on a tranquil journey with its orbital, eerie percussion sweeping in at every 4/4 beat, coinciding with the funky, persistent bass line. A masterpiece for those who enjoy the melodic side of techno.

Hans Zimmer – Time (Tale Of Us Edit)

In my eyes, I'm not sure what's better than when instrumentation is combined with electronic sounds. For the Tale Of Us fans out there, this is a pretty whirlwind of a track. With an orchestra of strings giving this track a deep, emotional feel creating a wholly musical frenzy to its listeners as well as electronic synths keeping it rolling so your feet can't help but move slightly. With the aid of Privilege's prodigious production at Afterlife, this track seemed fitting and couldn't be anymore Tale Of Us sounding.

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Gesang Der Toten Dinge (Konstantin Sibold Remix)

A track proving to be a dominant force in the techno sphere. As part of Sven Väth's eclectic set, this Konstantin remix was one of the tracks of the night as it stormed through the Main Room close to 5:00 in the morning at Cocoon. The hypnotic bleeps and string-like synths proved to be indicative of 90s trance, a style proving to be a favourite within the current club scene.

Enrico Sangiuliano – Blooming Era

Played by the maestro Carl Cox himself at his Pure Carl Cox back to the island. This Drumcode stealer plants levels of dance floor destruction with its electro moans and groans. Synths and pads alter frequencies, taking the track into some sort of vortex, plus with a fierce bass line - the three together drove the track into each crevice of Privilege's holy walls.

Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo – Senhor Doutor (Adam Port Edit)

Here's another stellar release from the Keinemusik label, with Adam Port adding his very own personal twist. Combining afro-beats and rhythmic strings, not forgetting the tribal trumpets, all creating a Latin fiesta feel. With the French trio Apollonia playing the track at Savannah last month (a free party may I add), they had San Antonio's promenade buzzing about in no time.

Emphemerals – Astraea (Laolu Remix)

As predicted, this track is bouncing around summer club charts, after support from the likes of Pete Tong and Tensnake earlier this year. Carrying its own unique deep house sound, it boasts a driving bassline and a selection of entropic drum beats. The emotive vocal acts as the focal point of the track, creating a heartfelt piece for the electronic genre. Elevating the mood across Ushuaïa, Andrea Olivia played to the ardent ANTS crowd.

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