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Martin Garrix opening causes a storm at Hï Ibiza

Martin Garrix and fellow DJs host a smashing Multiply opening fiesta.

While some may not like EDM, after experiencing the opening fiesta of Martin Garrix presents Multiply at Hï Ibiza, I understand what EDM-style parties are all about. The evening was an energetic one to say the least, filled with a crowd that seemed to lose all of their inhibitions and danced like nobody was watching.

“Right, are we ready to dance, team?!” is what I heard whilst taking a walk through Hï Ibiza's spectacular Secret Garden. One chap was wearing flashing fluorescent aviators while a man and a woman were chained together from the wrist and the waist.

With a vast set of beaming smiles on everybody's faces, the crowd multiplied between 1:00 and 2:00, and so did the extravagances. From the second I walked into the Theatre Room, all eyes were on The Him. The Amsterdam-born DJ duo are quite the performers. Their set was infused with favourite club hits such as Stardust's Music Sounds Better With You and Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You with a heavy electro remix combining with the chart-topping tracks.

Meanwhile in the restroom Mr Doris had an upbeat, disco type set going. Playing strictly vinyl for five hours, he managed to keep a number of people in there longer than they could have imagined. Whipping out 80s classics like Paul Rudder's Cadillac Disco, it was a holiday destination for clubbers, away from the loud sounds of the Theatre and Main Room.

Coming close to the time, fans began to hustle towards the Theatre room for the icon of the night, Martix Garrix. Known to many as a superstar DJ, everybody was waiting in anticipation for his performance. At 3:00 on the dot, the music went quiet, eerie sounds began to chime and the lighting and projections began to disorientate. Eager fans got out their phones and filmed the awaited entrance for the young Dutch performer.

Beginning with his well-known track produced with Matissee & Sadko, Together, the crowd knew it would be a night to remember. With lasers violently switching to the beat of the music, it was clear the crowd has reached a state of euphoria. With a vibrant track selection throughout, Afrojack's Turn Up The Speakers was played as well as Martin Garriz's Byte.

A true EDM extravaganza, as the majority of the crowd would say, this new residency at Hï Ibiza brings the widest range of smiles and the biggest collection of arms in the air. The young icon Martin Garrix achieved what any part-thrower would want.

With two residencies on the White Isle, and both parties doing exceedingly well, the summer has only just begun for Martin Garrix. We keep our eager ears open for more. Grab your chance now to witness this spectacular event.

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